Thursday 10 December 2020

Benefits of Sleeping With Your Dog: Emma Mattress

Moving in to a new house means time for a new mattress, having spent the last few years old old beds or moving from place to place, it was really important to pick something perfect for us.... and Sev & Lily too!

I am a lover of "bed". It's very normal for me to go to bed an hour early just to lay and listen to a podcast, editing on my laptop and of course many puppy cuddles too. 

Emma Mattress is the perfect "bed-in-a-box" that is manufactured here in the UK, as well as being the most awarded mattress. Humans spend a third of their life in bed, yes really [!!!] so a mattress is more than just somewhere you sleep, needing it to be both comfortable and supportive. 

Benefits of Sleeping With Your Dog: Emma Mattress

The prices range from £329 for a single original mattress to £679 for a super king, with them designed to last 10 years, the price per use is really low and although cheaper mattress's are available, having something that feels a little like floating on clouds is the best thing you could ever buy. 

The mattress came within a few days of being ordered, and vacuum packed in a compact box, ready to be unpacked and unfolded. Never thinking that it was actually a full King Size bed, and seeing it unfurl ready for the best night sleep, ever! 

Benefits of Sleeping With Your Dog: Emma Mattress

The Emma Original mattress looks great, I know it's only a mattress but it really does look smart, I love the grey sides and the smooth look, no buttons or pads sticking in your back.
The covers of the mattress can actually be removed, and it's recommended to do so every 4 weeks, machine washed and popped back on. As well as the many layers to help be that super comfortable and supportive bed you need. 
Being a foam mattress means less waking up your partner too, because I can be a fidget at night. Not feeling the movement when I'm going from my side to my back, can really help. 

Benefits of Sleeping With Your Dog: Emma Mattress

Benefits of Sleeping With Your Dog: Emma Mattress

Buying a mattress online can seem a little worrying, if it's not right. But really no one wants to go out at the moment, so this is perfect. Offering 200 nights trial to make sure you're fully satisfied with it. 

                                 You can now get your own Emma Mattress for 40% off here

As Sev & Lily very much share the bed, it's a great time to talk about dogs in your bed. Yay or Nay? There's something I love about it, having Sev lay his chin on my leg or waking up with Lily snuggled in my arm. 

Benefits of Sleeping With Your Dog: Emma Mattress

Benefits of Sleeping With Your Dog

Reduces Depression
Your dog is basically a living antidepressant, helping us relax and feel less stressed as well as increasing our flow of oxytocin. 

Eases Insomnia
Generally I don't suffer from insomnia, but with the move and other things on my mind, it can be a proud. I also find getting back to sleep a lot easier when Sev & Lily are with me. This is proven too, helping with creating a better mood and environment to sleep.

Help You Feel Safe
Sev & Lily can be a little noise sensitive and times, but honestly this makes me feel better, especially over night. There are times when we're alone and knowing they're there allows me to worry less and sleep more.

Decreases Loneliness
If you live alone, or even if your partner isn't home during the night, this time in bed can feel very lonely. Although it's great to star fish, feeling that security of a dog in the bed can really help.

Reduces Stress
Something called "The Pet Effect" comes into play with this one, it's known that stress and anxiety levels will fall when your pet is around. A large portion of pet owners report on having better mental health because of their dog.

Strengthens Bond With Your Dog
This does go back to pack animal theories, but I still think it has truth. Having dogs in your bed can make them feel welcomed within the pack, and know you're their to keep warm and protect. 

Second Alarm Clock
So, this one is funny but 100% true! There's no such thing as an snooze button in this house, as soon as Sev & Lily hear the alarm, that is it. Wake up time has commenced. This means, wee's & breakfast... before heading back to bed again. 

Benefits of Sleeping With Your Dog: Emma Mattress

This post is in collaboration with Emma Mattress; all thoughts are our own

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