Friday 16 April 2021

The Best Dog Friendly Sofa

 Having moved into our home late last year, home and interiors have slowly started taking over. Trying to find the most gorgeous items, but that are practical with owning two spaniels- this is the balance of many dog owners lives', I'm sure.

Just like dog friendly adventures, staying in gorgeous luxury places and visiting amazing places with Sev and Lily, I know that our home can have beautiful interiors with 8 paws running around too.

Furniture Village has helped this with the new sofa brand, LivingProof, made from a truly stain resistant fabric. Muddy paws, come at me! As well as ketchup, red wine, makeup and coffee- so perfect for a dog family home. 

The Best Dog Friendly Sofa

On a recent poll 96% of my followers let their pets on the sofa, meaning it's not me that truly shares their home with their dogs. It's not hard to realise that they rule me, with my job being to feed them and make their life as comfortable and happy as possible. To be honest, I'm totally okay with that. 

The Best Dog Friendly Sofa

The new collection boasts easy-clean fabric from Crypton, which has a 5 year guarantee, they're handmade in the UK and come in a selection of colours and styles.

Although there's a particular cleaning kit and best way to clean the sofa, it's super easy and can help keep it look so good. The protective technology doesn't wear away either, not only resisting stains but helping with prevent bad odours and repelling water.... anyone else's dog just love to jump on the sofa after their bath?!

The Best Dog Friendly Sofa
The Best Dog Friendly Sofa

We went for the silver 3-seater Griffin, a gorgeous grey large sofa. Super cosy for spaniel cuddles, great for naps, perfect for a living room office [usually consisting of editing, with a coffee in hand]

The backdoor comes straight into the living room, this tends to be the bane of my life, with muddy paws- especially as Sev and Lily do have full rights to the furniture. Since having the LivingProof sofa, it's been such less stress and worry, not feeling like we have a stinky "dog home" but knowing our home looks [and smells] great, with both humans and hounds living here.
The Best Dog Friendly SofaThe Best Dog Friendly Sofa

Having a nice home base if really important, and something I think we've all learnt after the year that was 2020 [and it's fair from over yet]. Staying home has a whole new feel to it, feeling cosy, comfy and being proud of that space will help in so many ways within life. Moving to this house meant we could finally settle, after a turbulent few years. A true house for the hounds, Sev and Lily are very much my life and truly part of the family, so picking furniture that suits life with them is important... and just makes things a lot easier too.

The Best Dog Friendly Sofa

Having the sofa for about two months now, means it's been put through a good trial so far, including muddy paws, soggy spaniels, tea spills and also an accident with some spaghetti bolognaise too. It's still looking great, with no stains or smells. Sev and Lily give it a full 10/10 for naps, especially with enough room to fully stretch out and take up all the room.

You can see the full range of LivingProof products at Furniture VillageThe Best Dog Friendly Sofa

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