Monday 15 March 2021

How To Be The Best Dog Mum

 To celebrate Mothers Day, here's a fun [and silly] list of all the things that make the best Dog Mum. As head Dog Mum I take pride in spoiling them, we're so lucky to have dogs. The love, trust and support they give us, literally helps me through every day. 
I think we're all the best dog parents we can be, but if you want to get extra points- try these too!
how to be the best dog mum

How To Be The Best Dog Mum

Mouth-watering Food
Sev & Lily eat Butternut Box and love it! It makes them both dribble whilst waiting for the "go ahead" to eat it. It's a great fresh food and works really well for our lifestyle, even when we travel more. Knowing you feed the best food you can is really important to me, no nasties, and all good ingredients. 
Dog waiting to eat Butternut Box

Under Duvet Cuddles
Sev and Lily do like an under duvet cuddle, and I'm honestly okay with it. After breakfast we usually all get back into bed [especially at the Weekends] and have morning cuddles. I love when they lay on me, it makes me feel like the best dog mum and that they truly love me.
Dog Mum cuddling her spaniels

Walks & Adventures
Obviously good walks is something we should all be doing, not only is it fun for the dogs, but it helps them calm better in the home and I really think it connects both human and hound too.
With lockdown it's been hard to explore and adventure to new places, but it's the best thing we do. Even just a day out, packing the car up and heading out on a new walk, finding new sniffs and routes can really feel exciting and special for you walks in the forest

Keep Training
Another way to really connect with your dog is training, and there's always training that can continually be done. Obviously this can help with learning but also with stimulating the mind which is really important, especially in this time when home life is a little all over the place. This will really help to be the best Dog Mum, because the dogs will enjoy it and it may help with some negative issues that may be coming up. 

Chew Time 
We're big on using natural chews for Sev & Lily, and always have a stash in the house ready for times where chews can help calm [or shut them up]. Devil Dood is our one stop shop for natural dog chews and treats, as well as great fillers for enrichment toys.Chew Time

Give Time & Love
I think the most important thing is have actual time with your dog, however you can do this best. I think I love travelling with Sev & Lily so much because that's all we have to focus on at that time, finding a walk and truly enjoying it, or having an evening by the fire and really seeing them and understanding them. I think sometimes we get so in to a routine, and almost forget to stop and appreciate what we have in front of us. 

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