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Travelling Around Europe with Dogs

In March a two week trip started, travelling around Europe with dogs. One Bumble Camper, two humans and two dogs, making our way around a bucket list of sights and beautiful places to visit.
Travelling Around Europe with Dogs
We visited Europe travelling by Eurotunnel, from Folkestone to Calais. The pet areas are amazing and checks quick and easy. The simple half an hour trip is such a positive and even more so being able to stay in the car and not leave the dogs is so important.
Find out more about travelling with pets to Europe with Eurotunnel

Travelling Around Europe with Dogs
Previously hearing of Bumble Campers, I knew it would be a great way to travel on a budget and still have a great time.

Opting for the 4 person, roof tent bumble, meaning living was kept in the van. For evening snuggles, watching Netflix while trying to connect to bad camping wifi and getting ready if needed.
The roof tent was the sleeping space and easy enough to pop up and down as we travelled to different destinations and stopping at campsites through the trip.
Travelling Around Europe with Dogs

The van was comfortable inside, spending many hours at the front snoozing and getting comfortable whilst the dogs were seat belted into the back seat. There's a great amount of room in the back, managing to pack in the dogs wardrobe and many chews. The mini kitchen at the back was great for morning cups of tea and living on much pasta. Electric was easy to hook up and there was a small water supply too, really everything that was needed whilst travelling around Europe with dogs.

There were a few Cities planned into the trip, and although they were quick stops, it was great to visit with the dogs.
Belgium is quick and easy to visit straight off the tunnel and the first stop of the trip. Finding a campsite about half an hour walk from the City was perfect and a great way to ease into camping life. Bruges is beautiful, with pretty streets and coloured houses.
Travelling Around Europe with Dogs

Amsterdam & The Netherlands
Amsterdam is a City that I have previously visited and adore it, the Dutch people are lovely and it's so pretty walking around the canals. Spending most of the time wandering around the streets up to the canals and whilst stopping at cute cafes and for photos. 

Whilst in the Netherlands we also visited the gorgeous tulip gardens, stunning windmills and even found a cherry blossom park, Kersenblosempark, close to the campsite. 
Keukenhof is a stunning botanical garden open just a few weeks through the year, dogs are welcome on leads and the stunning flowers and tulips make for a gorgeous day out. 
Zaanse Schans is the windmill village that we visited whilst travelling Europe with dogs, a gorgeous sight of stunning windmills, sweet homes and winding waterways. 

Burgz Eltz Castle
A true Castle of dreams, and of Instagram! The Castle does open to the public later in the year (just after our visit) but dogs aren't allowed, this however worked great for us being able to visit the Castle in the morning and evening whilst in the area when it was quiet without tourists visiting inside. The walk down to the castle is stunning, following a woodland before first sighting the beautiful building. 
Travelling Around Europe with Dogs

Neuschwanstein Castle
A bucket list location for me, with this castle known for inspiring Walt Disney when designing his Castle for Disneyland. All of South Germany was gorgeous, and somewhere to visit and explore more. With green rolling hills and snowy topped peaks, stunning castles and beautiful lakes. This location when travelling around Europe with dogs was a firm favourite.
The castle itself is gorgeous, although you can visit [without dogs] we were keen to see the areas around the Castle from all spots, finding great walks up in the forest with some stunning views.
Neuschwanstein Castle

North Italy
I got overally excited when I found out the Dolomite's were possible to explore on the trip to Europe, although only really getting to visited the North West side of Italy, there were still some gorgeous sights and walks. This was the area that I fell and twisted my ankle, badly [!!!] but it didn't stop play, just took a bit longer to get around. There were so many gorgeous lakes that we toured, all mainly frozen with stunning views behind, but all so individually beautiful too. Another must visit place for a trip in the future.
Sev wearing his Over Glam Puffer jacket at Lago De Braies

Lago De Braies

The main reason for visiting Switzerland was to explore Zermatt and see the Matterhorn, another Disney reference again. Staying in the town next to Zermatt, and getting the train in [no cars are allowed] was really easy. The dogs were priced but with just a stop or two it was affordable for human and hounds and the dogs were great on the train- of course Sev needed a few extra cuddles. For the visit to Switzerland we stayed at an Airbnb to keep warm from the snow, and rest my ankle a little more.
The walk through Zermatt and up to view the Matterhorn was the best walk of the whole trip, snow had fallen the day before and the dogs had the best time playing in the snow. Every turn was breath taking and so picture perfect. 
Zermatt with dogs

Hotel d'Angleterre
Having previously worked with Red Carnation hotels and knowing how dog friendly they are, travelling around Europe with the dogs wouldn't of been complete with out a gorgeous hotel stay [Thanks Sev & Lily]. The stunning hotel is located in Geneva, a lively and gorgeous City. The hotel was both luxurious and dog friendly, with the dogs being allowed everywhere apart from the main restaurant and having been welcomed so kindly it was truly a wonderful stay. 
[This stay was kindly gifted]
Hotel d'Angleterre

This is the second time I've visited Paris with the dogs, although both trips have been short and sweet, we've managed to explore and enjoy the beautiful City of Paris. France is known to be both dog friendly, but have strict rules about things I wouldn't usually think about, when visiting with dogs. None the less it was a gorgeous visit and the dogs truly loved it, being able to see some of the most gorgeous Paris City spots. 
Paris with Dogs

All the campsites were really nice, and all dog friendly. The facilities were all great and a really high standard. They were all pretty busy and I can see why they're popular, so look at booking ahead of time.

Belgium: Camping Memling, Bruges
The shower and toilet facilities here were great, and really eased us in to camping. The site was just outside of the City, which we walked to and from when visiting Bruges. 

Holland: Camping Amsterdam Forest
This campsite was set within a forest, with gorgeous walks very close by. Although it was more of a walk into the main area of Amsterdam [around 2.5hrs] it was a lovely walk to do so. Both walking and catching a taxi, as well as driving to different areas we visited around the area.
This campsite also had a shop and small cafe.

North Germany: Burgstadt Camping Park, Kastellaun
This campsite was gorgeous, with woodland areas all around and small areas that overlooked gorgeous views. Another one with up to date and clean facilities, we also chose this time to use the laundry room too.
South Germany: Camping Hopfensee, Fussen
One of the most gorgeous campsites, located on a lake, and close to rolling hills, I loved the campsite as much as I did Germany in general. This campsite was large, with different facility areas, and it was very popular place to stay.

France: Camping de Paris, Paris
This campsite is about 1.5hrs away from the City, but a great walk to get there. Another campsite where I can't fault the cleanliness of the facilities, with how up to date and well kept they are. 
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