Thursday 29 October 2020

Health Benefits of Salmon Oil For Dogs

 This past month we've been trying out Salmon Oil from Angell PetCo, with the amazing health benefits that comes from it, I was keen to get Sev & Lily started on it.

The Scottish Salmon Oil for dogs offers great benefits for lots of reasons, from skin and coat to joint aid. 

Health Benefits of Salmon Oil For Dogs
Health Benefits of Salmon Oil For Dogs

"Something simple really can make all the difference, and so it is with Angell PetCo.’s salmon oil supplements. Unlike cod liver oil, which is made from the pressed liver of the cod (which filters toxins), our Scottish salmon oil is made from the whole pressed fish. What this promises for your dog is:

  • 100% pure Scottish salmon oil free from any additive. Vitamin E is commonly added to sub-standard Salmon to stabilise it.
  • A happier, healthier dog with supple joints, a softer, shinier coat and a renewed eagerness for walks
  • An easy, hassle-free way to improve your dog’s health and wellbeing — just pour over or mix in food"

    Health Benefits of Salmon Oil For Dogs

Severus & Lily have been on it for just over a month [whilst they've been with me, which is about 60% of that time) and have already seen great results. Most owners can see results after 2 weeks of consistent use. 
Although Sev and Lily are still going, being spaniels and very active, it's great to start thinking about joints and supporting with all the high impact running and chasing that they do.
Giving Salmon Oil is a great way to do this, just adding it to dinner and knowing that it's good for them. 

Sev and Lily both have lovely coats and skin, thanks to Butternut Box dog food, however I do notice their paws dry and this has really helped. Making them less cracked and a lot smoother, just in the short time that it's been used. 

Being able to just add it to their food is a big benefit and you can tell they totally love it, it's easy and fuss free and I know it's getting into them without any effort. Health Benefits of Salmon Oil For Dogs

Health Benefits of Salmon Oil For Dogs

Health Benefits of Salmon Oil For Dogs

Fights Inflammation
This comes from the Omega 3 that Salmon Oil has in it, helping to fight inflammation from gastritis to inflamed joints.

Help With Skin Allergies
It can really help with dogs that are more prone to skin allergies at certain times of the year or because or certain things. It helps build a strong cell barrier which in turn can prevent reactions. 

Maintain Healthy & Shiny Coat
More help for maintaining healthy skin which then will show in a soft and shiny coat in the dogs.Health Benefits of Salmon Oil For Dogs

Post in collaboration with Angell; all thoughts are our own

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