Thursday 17 September 2020

Dog Breed Health Guide with Animal Friends

 We've teamed with Animal Friends Insurance to share some really useful information about dog breeds, and the claims being made for particular dog breeds.

As a Veterinary Nurse there's lots of common problems we see and pick up on with breeds. Daxie's for spinal problems, CKCS for heart and brain problems, Spaniels for ear problems, Labradors for hip problems.... the list goes on and on. 
This proves how important lifelong insurance cover can be. 

The data confirms the most costly trip to the Vets is due to foreign bodies; these include everything from the grass seed's in paws to socks being ingested by cheeky puppies. 

Top 20 most popular dog breeds and the type of condition they are most likely to claim for

1. Labrador - Bones and mobility
2. Staffordshire Bull Terrier - Skin and allergies
3. Cocker Spaniel - Cancer and Tumour
4. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - Heart Conditions
5. Jack Russell Terrier - Bones, Joints and mobility
6. German Shepherd - Bones, joints and mobility
7. Springer Spaniel - Bones, joints and mobility
8. Shih Tzu - Skin and Allergies
9. French Bulldog - Skin and allergies
10. Boxer - Cancer and tumour
11. West Highland White - Skin and allergies
12. Border Collie - Bones, joints and mobility
13. Golden Retriever - Bones, joints and mobility
14. Bulldog - Skin and allergies
15. Pug - Skin and allergies
16. Chihuahua - Heart condition
17. Cockerpoo - Skin and allergies
18. Bichon Frise - Skin and allergies
19. Yorkshire Terrier - Bones, joints and mobility
20. Greyhound - Bones, joints and mobility

 You can find out more about specific dog breeds on the Animal Friends website
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Of course I don't think you could go wrong with a Cocker Spaniel [I say that lightly, they need a lot of attention, exercise and mind stimulation] but it's always important to educate yourself as much as possible when it comes to picking the right breed of dog for you and your family. Of course this includes lifestyle choices but also conditions to look out for. For example, if you have a large dog breed, bloat is really important to watch out for and if you spot it and can get to the Vets quickly that could save their life.

The Cocker Spaniel health problems include eye problems like dry out, which in fact our first family pet, a show cocker called Megan, suffered from badly. Obesity, this doesn't surprise me because I know Sev & Lily could eat and eat and eat. This is a big problem for all dog breeds though and keeping your pet slim and fit will help hold off many other problems that may occur if they were podgy! 

Animal Friends Insurance also mention that bones and joints can be a problem with Cocker Spaniels, again an obvious one for me. Take a very bouncy and energetic dog and this can happen, make sure your dog is fed a good diet [Sev & Lily eat Butternut Box] and look into the many awesome natural remedies out there that may help.  

This post is in collaboration with Animal Friends Insurance; the personal thoughts are our own however the information comes from the websites linked above

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