Monday 12 December 2016

Equafleece Dog Jumpers

 Let me introduce you to the most practical thing I've ever bought Sev and Lily...they just happen to look totally awesome too!
The pooches are not shy of wearing a bow tie, neckerchief or coat, showcasing their model looks on instagram. How ever dapper they look, it doesn't beat the Equafleece dog jumper.

Severus and Lily love the water all year round, and although Lily is more of a paddler, she some how gets more wet than the brown one. Mix that together with the Autumn and Winter mud and frost, getting some soggy spaniels and dirty hounds....these jumpers are a life saver!

 Although I love Sev and Lily wearing bow ties, and pretty things on our photos and dog friendly adventures, for our walks they love to just be spaniels, spaniels running free. Spaniels being spanners means getting rather soggy and muddy.

At the end of the walk, we pop the dogs in the equafleece jumpers and secure them in the car, not having to worry about mud being splattered everywhere or a wet patch on the seat.
The jumpers are also perfect to pop on after they've been swimming, when we went to Cornwall and Brecon they were great to grab out my bag and pop on so Sev and Lily warmed up and dried off quickly.
 Lily wears the Mulberry in 22" slim
Sev wears the Loden Green in 24" slim

Of course this life saver isn't just your normal jumper. It's 100% rainproof, meaning that if you're going out of a cold and rainy day you can put them on before you even leave the house. There are times we pop them on if we're out lead walking around towns or events [somewhere they can't be quite as crazy!] to keep them warm in the colder weather. Not only that, but they're warm, washable and and super comfortable. Having to measure your hound means you get the perfect size, both Sev and Lily's fit so well meaning they're snug and comfortable to wear. 

I tend to use the jumpers when the dogs are already wet, as it's the ideal drying tool, wicking the wet away from the dogs coat to the outside of jumper. No sitting in a damp towel trying to dry off, this gets them warm and dry quickly and efficiently and restore core body temperature- which the pooches particularly need after they've been swimming in Welsh reservoirs in November (!!!)     

It's a great Christmas present for any pooch, or crazy dog lady. Perfectly practical but oh so cute too...don't they look great?!

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