Monday 19 December 2016

Cosy This Christmas

The best things in life are snuggling up with my pooches [and Husband] on a cosy Winters evening. With Christmas not far away, everything is feeling more festive and staying in just to cuddle the dogs seems totally acceptable.

 Sev and Lily are super snuggly, and loving, which is really rather lovely and certainly makes them my little fur-babies ♥

Getting into the Christmas spirit with gorgeous tartan blankets and dog beds. How a few lights sparkle and checked pattern can change how you feel, isn't Christmas so cosy, homely and loving! I just love it and sharing it with my little family is so important.
The gorgeous dog duvets and pet beds are from Tuff Mutts, and they're so comfortable, even I'm jealous of them.

 Time to get cosy, and prepare for the Christmas Craze with a hot chocolate and cuddle with your pooch!
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