Monday 5 December 2016

Human & Hound Winter Fashion

Autumn and Winter fashion is no doubt a favourite of mine, and although the layers get bundled up when the colder and darker evenings start appearing, I still love the style and feel of the clothes way more than in the warmer weather

Dressing Sev and Lily in Winter is a little more fun too, although bow ties will always be a key look in their paw-drobe (get it!?) getting cosy in jumpers and coats just makes my heart melt...because they look so damn cute.
Even more so, matching hounds and humans makes me a little over excited and something I always try to watch out for where I can ♥

 The Sugarhill Boutique dress leaf dress is everything and so so versatile for this time of year. Tights come off and a sparkly jacket gets replaced with my big thick one, it's really the perfect night to day outfit for festive drinks with friends. It's so structured and sophisticated too, making it great work wear [unless you're a Veterinary Nurse]. Mixing it together with chunky knits and lighter pieces really brings out the print and works so well, even for a wintery walk around the Christmas Market.

I am wearing: Dress c/o Sugarhill Boutique, Coat & Boots from George at Asda, Scarf from Primark
The Dogs are wearing: Harness and Coat c/o Hettie

Possibly even more exciting than human Winter fashion, is winter fashion for the hounds. The gorgeous wool harness and coat that Sev and Lily are rocking, follow on from the Autumn and Winter collection that was shared last month.
The gorgeous pet collection is made up of harnesses, coats, and now bandanas, perfect for any pooch ♥
The new fabrics for this season are really great for neutral picks and work so well with Sev & Lily's colourings.
Not only is the wool perfect for helping on damp or cold days, keeping the dogs dry and warm it looks gorgeous and comes in a selection of stunning fabrics. Even better Hettie do handbags and gadget accessories, meaning you can match your four-legged friend this Winter.
Severus wears "Arncliffe Moonstone" and Lily looks pretty in "Slate Oatmeal"

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