Tuesday 8 November 2016

Where to Visit in Cornwall, with your Dog

Last week we made our way down to Cornwall, for the most perfect getaway. Of course the dogs came too, and together ventured out to find the best dog friendly places to visit.

Our base for the week was booked with Holiday Cottages, in Altarnun, which was great to travel round and make the most of the short 3 day trip.

Tredbarwith Strand

Trebarwith Strand is located on the North coast of Cornwall, a few miles down from the more well known Tintagel. A compact but gorgeous sandy beach, contained by cliffs, it was the perfect adventure for our first evening.
Even though the tide was in, Sev, Lily and Alfie still had the best time running up and around the rocks and enjoying the small pools that were being made by the sea. We took to the cliffs to find the perfect sunset spot, and even with the waves splashing in around us, it was just beautiful. 

The sweet village was filled with lovely cafes and ice cream shops, and I could only imagine how wonderful [and popular] it would of been on a Summers afternoon.
After the dogs had a run around, and got all their energy out from the long drive, Emma and I took to the pub for a glass of wine to finish our first day in Cornwall and get excited about the other few days we had there. The Port William over looks the cliffs and beach, is dog friendly and had the best cheesecake...wine and cheesecake, what more do you need when on holiday.

After a morning in Rock [a blog post will follow] we decided to head over to Padstow on the Ferry boat. Padstow is a bustling little town and fishing port, full of holiday makers and fisherman. It has an exciting but calming spark to it and is busy all year round, even in November.
Taking a relaxing stroll round in and out of all the little lanes and streets, stopping at shop windows as we went past and lusting after all the smells from the bakeries and ice cream shops. This picture perfect place has many places to eat, drink and shop, with most being very dog friendly. 

We soon decided to head into The Old Custom House for a cuppa and some chips, enjoying the peace of our little getaway and catching up on [the dogs] social media. The pooches were allowed in the large bar and lounge area, meaning we could sit almost anywhere we wanted. We went for the most cosy lounge area, where Sev and Lily soon settled down with a chew and napped the afternoon away whilst we were chatting and sipping our teas. 

Another fishing port, and small village, being on the North coast of Cornwall, Boscastle is somewhere we had to visit. Hearing wonderful things and seeing beautiful photos made us pack the car up on our last day and head to see another gorgeous Cornwall town with the dogs. 

Cornwall has so many stunning villages and towns, and Boscastle is no different. Heading up through the harbour and over the rocks and cliffs there are many long walks to have, over looking the stunning ocean. At times I couldn't believe how blue it looked and if we were still in England at all! 

After the mini hike...most people would call is a peaceful stroll, we headed over to find cream tea. There are a couple of pubs and cafes that allow dogs, although I'm sure Sev thought he'd get his own scone and cream all to himself. 

Ending the afternoon down on the beach, it felt very private and like we had it all to ourselves. The dogs were able to fun free, splashing and swimming through the sea, while the tide was out a gorgeous little beach cove was made. Playing fetch and getting as soggy as possible, we all had such a wonderful time ♥

Bodmin Moor & Crowdy Reservoir 
The Moor ended up become our morning spot before heading on to the more pretty town and villages on our day trips. Although not the prettiest of open land, it was just perfect for Sev and Lily to let off energy before being on the lead all day. Sheep and horses do fill these fields too, but staying well away, chasing the ball was far more interesting. 

Very close by was Crowdy Reservoir, somewhere we visited on our last day as it looked so perfect not too. A large lake, surrounded by stunning Autumn trees and a lovely 20/30min walk around. The dogs did yet more swimming, chasing the ball in and out of the water, in hope to try and get Lily to swim more. Although she didn't quite somehow she was still the most wet dog out of the the three spaniels! 
Where will you visit on your next trip to Cornwall?
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