Thursday 10 November 2016

What to Pack for a Dog Holiday// Pet Travel Series

We love holidaying with the dogs, from a small night away to a longer holiday, having the dogs with us is really important and something we love.

I really enjoy sharing our dog friendly adventures with you and the trips and travel we've been on with them. I posted about what to take of a doggy day trip recently, and wanted to extend that for a dog friendly holiday.

The pooches come with much baggage, from a day trip to a weeks holiday, they always need something and the best thing is to be prepared for that. No doubt they love being with us, and we love doing as much as possible with them, but it's also important it's kept stress free and as easy for them as possible.

Dog Friendly Holiday Check List

Collar and ID tag
Make sure your dog is wearing a collar with a tag on at all times, and engraved disc is best. The name and address (including post code) should be on the tag, as well as a telephone number. It's really important to make sure your dog is microchipped too...yes, it is law now, but you won't get in trouble if it's not done when you make an appointment for it, it's just important you do get it done.
We love our The January Rose tags

I really love how some places offer dog beds, bowls and towels on your stay with them. Although I think this is great to have, taking your dogs own bedding is always best. It's something familiar for them, with their own smell on so they will feel more settled and at home.
We don't go anywhere with out our trusty Tuff Mutts Doggy Duvet when we're away from home.

Not just for the style pooch in them, but to sensible and practical too.
For example, we'll be taking the dogs equafleece jumpers with us when we go to the Brecon Beacons to aid drying and keep them warm. However, if you're going some where warmer than you dog is used to then getting a cooling jacket could really help them especially if they're going to be walking a lot or staying out in the warm weather.

Too many towels will probably never be enough towels...for our swimming loving pooches anyway. Remember you won't always have some where to dry them (depending on where you stay) so it's always handy to have plenty at hand.
We also like to take blankets or sheets to cover furniture if your dog doesn't play by the rules. Respecting that it's not your house is important, but you don't want it to ruin your time away either.

Dog Food
We bag up and seal every meal for both Sev and Lily for the days we're away for, so we know it's enough. You could take a few more for emergencies too, especially if your dog is on a specific diet.
The Spaniels eat Guru Pet Food...and love it!

Travel Water Bowl
I know I spoke about this on the day trip checklist, however I think making water available for your pooch is really important and these are perfect. They fold up and are easy to take away with you and pop in your bag for days out too.

First Aid Kits
Dog first aid kits are really perfect to take with you, we sell them at work and I think it's a really great idea. If you're walking a lot, or going to be in a location that you can't get to a Vet straight away, these could really help with a few problems that may arise.
Make sure you always check the local Vets and have their details before you leave too.

Treats, Poo Bags, Bow Ties & attire
I mention these more in my previous dog packing post, and they are essentials to keep our days out picture perfect and stress free.
We love Ditsy Pet for bow ties and Bib & Tucker for Neckerchiefs
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