Thursday 27 October 2016

A Dog Friendly Hampshire Getaway

Dog Friendly Getaway
Dog friendly hotels are becoming more and more popular, as it seems those crazy dog people [like myself] don't like to leave their pooches behind. Especially when travelling and holiday in the UK.

We first met the B&B collection while looking for an affordable London hotel, earlier this year. A chain on hotels scattered around all the country, from 3 and 4 star accommodation, offering pet friendly travel with a pretty awesome breakfast chucked in.

Kindly being offered the chance to stay at the Wickham property, the perfect countryside getaway in Hampshire. Nestled in the cutest village square, it really felt like a great dog friendly retreat.
dog friendly hampshire getaway
Hampshire getaway
Lily and Sev wear neckerchiefs from Bib & Tucker

I was so thrilled to be able to share the trip with my gorgeous Paige, it was the perfect time to catch up as well as unwind and soak in the Hampshire countryside air.
Not being able to see each other a lot made it such a wonderful treat, as well as the dogs being so fussed over by her and getting far more cuddles than they really deserved.

B+B Wickham is described as a boutique bed and breakfast hotel, with elements of a homely and cosy feel about it too. Our room was based away from the main building, with it's own entrance and terrace area which was great for the dogs early in the morning and late in the evening.

The room was lovely, with a large lounge seating area where Paige and I snuggled with the dogs, while drinking hot chocolate. The large bed was so comfy [even the Sev & Lily thought so] and the bathroom was dreamy, with heated floors and a gorgeous rolled top bath.
dog friendly getaways in Hampshire

In the evening we ventured to a near by pub and relaxed with a glass of wine, while eating yummy burgers. The dogs were welcomed in the pub and garden of The Kings Head, although they also have a no paw zone in the restaurant area.
Wickham B+B also hosts it's own restaurant, La Bocca, which looked totally gorgeous and led out onto the sweet little garden. However this isn't a dog friendly area of the hotel, so we opted for burgers at the cosy pub, just across the road, instead.

The morning of our Hampshire getaway was just lovely, lounging around, taking photos and chatting even more before we headed to breakfast.
We were seated in the bar and lounge area, where there were a couple of normal table and chairs, some bar tables and also some comfy and low seated chairs in this area.
Severus and Lily were truly fussed over getting their own food to keep them happy, while we ate our full English breakfasts and sipped our cups of tea.

 In and Around Wickham
Luckily Paige was our walking, talking village guide as her family home is just the next town along and her Mum still visits Wickham a lot.
Finding some lovely woodland and field areas to walk the dogs, and get all their energy out, so they behaved in the hotel! This is always the first thing to do when we are away with the pooches, however much they try and behave, wanting photos from them and acting like polite members of the family means lots of running around like hooligans first of all.

The houses were beautiful around the area, so we were in our element snapping photos and taking in the pretty sites. We also visited a gorgeous antique shop, full to the brim with goodies and treasures [and dog friendly] Even more exciting was the little flower stall outside, where I picked up a gorgeous bunch to fill the home.
The visit ended with hot chocolate, snuggled up outside of Lilly's tea shop, after a truly wonderful Weekend.

Thank you B+B collection, we can't wait to visit even more of your lovely hotels

Steph & The Spaniels were sent to review B+B Wickham- all opinions are our own
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