Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Pumpkin Picking

Come October and the internet explodes with everything Autumn and everything Halloween. Pumpkins are everywhere and the crisps leaves fall to the floor making the perfect sea or orange to kick around.
Visiting "pick your own" farms during the Summer time is wonderful, Strawberries especially find their way into our fridge and are more than missed when they go out of season. However the new craze see's your favourite PYO farm turn into a haven for pumpkin pickers.

Whilst visiting Dorset, a little Googling came in handy, after lusting after gorgeous pumpkin farm posts that filled my Bloglovin screen.
I soon found a sweet little farm that offered Pumpkin Picking as well as a farm shop. It also gave us the perfect excuse to take a walk in the New Forest, as we were so close.

We stomped our way up and down the tracks, looking for the best pumpkins around. Big ones, small ones, slightly weird looking ones. They were all there and searching for a better home for Halloween.

The orange Newlook jumper made for the perfect pumpkin picking attire, blending it so well with the fields. I even had help from Sev and Lily to pick the right pumpkin to decorate our home with this Autumn.



  1. I desperately want to go to a pumpkin patch, they look amazing, it's like going and picking up your Christmas tree :) fab photos!


  2. I love these pictures so much, you and the doggies look lovely!
    I'm so sad there isn't a proper pumpkin patch where we live, Elodie would love it! xx

  3. Loving the shades of orange! We def need to try this, sounds so fun! xxx

    Ari & MM

  4. Love all those Autumn colours.... wish we had a pumpkin farm near us... it looks amazing... Woof Woof BOO!


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