Monday 20 June 2016

Home Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

As you may [really should] know I have two spanner spaniels, Severus and Lily. As well as these two monkeys we also have Alfie and Tilly [our family dogs] on a regular basis too. Two, let a lone four, dogs in the house all the time certainly keeps me working hard with the cleaning.
That "pet smell" is something I hate the thought that our house smells like, especially for some one who is very house proud and I want my house to feel like a beautiful home even if we have a few four paws in residence.

Some of your dog parents out there, may be keen on my top tips to get rid of that dog smell:
1) Hoover and refresh carpets.
I clean the carpets and kitchen floor on a weekly basis, usually with a quick clean in between. This helps a lot with no only the hair, but also lifting the smell. I like to use a spray or powder carpet cleaner around once a month too, this really helps with any smell and stains. They're usually really easy to use and doesn't put too much time onto our usual cleaning routine.

2) Cleaning the dogs beds.
This is actually a large cause of that general smell. When we can, we give them beds a wash through the machine [I can take them to work too, which is super handy] This is something to think about when buying a bed for your pooch, can you remove the covers and is it washing machine safe.

3) Keep them out of certain rooms and off furniture.
I can't talk about this one a whole lot, as I totally don't do it! BUT....if you keep your dogs out your bedroom, and off the sofa if they go in the living room, this will help with not spreading the smell.

4) Go to the groomers.
Keeping your four legged friends smelling fresh and lovely, will keep the house smelling fresh and tidy too. Taking them to the groomers regularly, or even bathing them yourself can help this.

5) Constant fresh smells.
We like to use fabric sprays on the sofa, curtains, and carpets after we've given them a clean. As well as this, you can get plug in's or light candles when ever your home to keep the home smelling fresh and sweet.

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