Wednesday, 22 June 2016

A Cotswold Roast Dinner

 We love hunting down new places to visit, especially when there's food involved, especially when there is a roast involved!
I'd heard about The Potting Shed briefly, but only took notice when I saw it on a Cotswold blog and fell in love with the gorgeous pub right away.

When I found it was dog friendly, that made it even more perfect and I knew we had to visit one rainy Sunday afternoon for a roast with the pooches.
Not located too far from my parents house, we easily found it and loved the look and feel of the cute village style pub.

We quickly picked the roast, both going for the pork-belly and a wine for me, before having bread selection brought to the table and dogs snuggling by our feet with their chews.
The roast didn't let us down, and although a little pricey, it totally seemed worth it to find such a lovely location as well as the food being wonderful. 
The staff fussed the dogs, and put us on a table slightly in the corner, something we always appreciate so we're a little out of the way.

Roast scoffed and we decided to share a pudding before I wandered around taking more photos of the quaint little [it's actually rather large!] Cotswold beauty.
It was really a lovely Sunday with my little family, and certainly some where we'd visit again soon.


  1. It looks so cosy there and the food looks delicious.

  2. Oh this sounds INCREDIBLE. I love it when you find a place that calls itself 'dog friendly' and it actually is!
    M x

  3. This looks lovely Steph! And what a treat for the pooches that they were welcomed inside, not all dog friendly places are genuinely friendly, heh! x

  4. Love this! It looks fab :D Very excited for Sunday roasts in dog friendly pubs with our new furry arrival! x


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