Tuesday 2 June 2015

A Picnic With Joules

Picnic Hamper c/o Joules

The weather has been a little on and off lately, we think Summer is coming and then England knocks us back down with black clouds and rain storms fit for November

Whatever time off I have, I still like to make the most of it and that certainly doesn't stop because the sun doesn't have it's hat on...I just like to pretend it does!
Over the Bank Holiday we visited the capital of the Cotswold's, and I thought it would be the perfect time to get the picnic hamper out and buy some treats for us all.
The hamper is gorgeous, with the typical Joules print and the perfect items to set up for a treat in the sunshine. Some how I always feel a little special when I'm carrying around something so pretty, it's like I'm a crazy organised (fur) Mum and my family are off for the cutest picnic around. 

Joules also allowed us to pick an item to help us with our Summer wardrobe. I went for the most amazing green v-neck tunic, which I can just imagine wearing at a warm garden party. Sam decided to go for the blue bomber jacket, which is great for Summer evenings and also going back into the Autumn season too.
Sev even joined in, looking dapper in his Daft Dogs bow tie and a smile to make all the girls weak at the knee's ♥

Lets wish Summer comes and stays for a few months, so we manage to picnic again, and go for long evening dog walks in the sunshine! 
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