Friday 5 June 2015

Pet Friendly: Buckland-tout-saints

In April Sam, Sev and I made our way down to South Devon for a few days by the coast.
We love getting away for Weekends, and the seaside is no doubt our favourite place- it certainly pleases Sev too.

After being paid in vouchers for a recent blogging job, I decided to use them at Pets Pyjama's and use it on their pet friendly travel service. After searching for the best place we quickly came about Buckland-Tout-Saints and decided this would be perfect for our little break, the promise of breakfast sausages for Sev certainly swayed it.
We traveled down in the evening, stopping at a Travelodge along the way, most of which are dog friendly for a fee. Sev didn't really settle but it was a good base to make our journey a little easier and quicker to make the most of our full days there.

The hotel was gorgeous and a lovely base to travel to a few places we wanted to visit, such as Salcombe and Hope Cove. Kingsbridge is also very close, and we enjoyed looking around their market and stopping for a cold lemonade (as well as a trip to the Vets, but that's another story!)
The hotel is gorgeous and very grand indeed, but certainly up to date and picture perfect for instagram. No out of date bedrooms insight and the grounds were enough to make my heart skip a beat- Severus enjoy them too!
We ate breakfast in the bar, as dogs aren't allowed in the restaurant, which was no problem at all. I didn't however appreciate the staff telling people to leave their dogs in cars at meal times, I think it's rather silly for any one to ever suggest that, however dog aware you are- in the warmer months or even sunnier days it's not appropriate in anyway!

We visited Hope Cove for cream tea (and prosecco- ofcourse) as well as going for the loveliest long walk along the fields and over to a National Trust beach. Sev enjoyed running through the grass and fetching his ball from the sea. We managed to eventually get parked up in Salcombe too and visited the cutest pub that offered a dog menu (pigs ears, bonio's and the like) and had great human food too. Little treasures like that really make me smile a huge amount ♥                         
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