Monday 18 May 2015


Last week I had the pleasure of visiting Cotswold Wildlife Park, we got late entry and went at the perfect time when everyone was going home but the sun was still shining bright in the sky ♥
As well as seeing the giraffes (they're my favourite) and Sev eyeing up the penguins (Cotswold Wildlife park lost it's zoo status when they wanted dogs to be allowed in the grounds) I was actually there to complete a challenge with PayPal- and what a fun challenge it was! 

#DoItWithPayPal is showcasing how easy and simple it is to buy with PayPal on so many online shops and stores. Log in and a click of a button allows you to pay for your item and get it delivered where ever suits you best. So easy that it seems I end up buying a little too much each month....maybe because PayPal comes out of the joint account, but that's another story! 

Don't worry, I didn't spend all my time searching my phone for things to buy, and making lists of even more things I need. I enjoyed the beautiful gardens, seeing Sev react to animals he'd seen for the first time, saying hello to the 7 week old Rhino- Ian and seeing the giraffes so close up we could touch them....even thought we weren't allowed.
When it came to it though, knowing I could pop on to Jessops and buy a camera lens (perfect for our next trip to the park) with no hassle and super quick made everything easy and I felt a lot safer with my details on line too- You really can do it anywhere with PayPal.

Fancy shopping online with PayPal? Find all the shops you do so here
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