Monday 20 July 2020

The Power of [Spaniel] Love

The main thing I've heard about lockdown, is the amount of time owners have been able to spend with their pets. No doubt making it a better and easier time. I know Sev & Lily have got me up and out and walking, they've cuddled me when I don't feel great and made me excited to create and take photos of them. 
The Power of [Spaniel] Love
Sev and Lily are my true best friends, babies and companions. Not only has lockdown taught me to take time, enjoy creating and find joy in the small things, but with these eight paws by my side, they've made me feel secure and loved. Spending all day in pyjamas with two spaniels cosying up to you is literally my idea of a dream! 
The Power of [Spaniel] Love

I doubt myself a lot, my worth, my kindness, my life, but it's always Severus & Lily that pick me back up and let me walk on. Taking me for walks, getting me out of the house when I want to hide all day, exploring with me, making me feel so confident to be just them and me. 
Every pet that is part of the family and more than just "the dog" has a place in our hearts, the importance of them and the love from them, it's like nothing you'll ever receive. This creature that loves you no matter your age, sex, gender race. Mentally, Sev & Lily have saved me this past year, giving me a job to do and a responsibility to work hard for them and play harder with them. 
The Power of [Spaniel] Love

As a result of the love we've all seen from our pets during lockdown, The UK's leading pet insurer,  Petplan, is launching its first ever Pet Awards. The awards will celebrate and recognise our exceptional pets who help enrich our lives, bring joy, fun and a friendship we'd never think was possible before they came into our lives. 

Everyone thinks they have the best pet, and everyone is right

These awards are going to celebrate the power of love, and personally for me, I know how amazing the love of two spaniels is, and I've no doubt you've all got a story to share too.
There are five categories:

  1. Petplan Hero Pet of the Year – for a pet who has shown exceptional bravery and courage

  2. Petplan Survivor Pet of the Year – for a pet who has shown resilience and fought their way back from a trauma

  3. Petplan Rescue Pet of the Year – for a pet who has been rescued and found their happy ending

  4. Petplan Companion Pet of the Year – for a pet who has played an important role in the family and supported their owners through a difficult time

  5. Petplan Entertainer Pet of the Year – for a pet who has a trick or a personality that entertains their owners and makes their lives so much happier!

If you know or have an exceptional pet who deserves to win, make sure you nominate them by the 31st July by visiting the Petplan Website
An independent panel of experts will select five finalists for each category in August before one of those lucky pets is crowned the winner. As well as winning the title, the winning pet in each category will also receive a fabulous hamper full of goodies worth £400. 

This post is in partnership with Petplan, however Sev & Lily won't be entering. We insure both dogs with Petplan and always have done; all thoughts are my own
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