Thursday 16 July 2020

Cornwall Dog Friendly Bucket List

Cornwall is one of my favourite places, ever ever ever! Reading this blog, it's pretty obvious to see, always sharing the best dog friendly places to stay and things to do whilst visiting Cornwall with your dog.

Here's our Cornwall dog friendly bucket list, things we love to do, hope to do, and keep us heading back to stunning Cornwall again and again.
Cornwall Bucket List with your Dog

Cornwall Dog Friendly Bucket List

Paddleboarding on the Gannel
Crantock and the Gannel Estuary is one of the most stunning places. Such a gorgeous dog friendly beach, made even better by the lovely estuary that fills up at high tide. This is one of the best places to paddleboard in Cornwall, being a lot calmer that the sea, and it helps that's it's just stunning!
Cornwall Bucket List with your Dog

Visit an Independent Pet Shop
There are some gorgeous independent pet shops in Cornwall, and it's always on our list to visit one [or two or three] whilst in the area. 
The favourite is Natural Cornish Pet Shop, not only a great range of food, chews and toys, but also with a mini cafe and secure dog field too.
Take a look at the other pet shops in Cornwall worth visiting
Cornwall Bucket List with your Dog

Bedruthren Steps at Sunset
This beach is just dreamy all times of day, but watching the sunset either from the cliffs above or on the gorgeous sandy beach, is the best. Sunset is one of my favourite times of day, and over looking the rock pools and dogs running along the sand just makes it even better. At high tide it's not possible to get down onto the beach, so another one to check timings, but even from the cliffs above is utterly beautiful [although not as fun for the dogs]
Cornwall Bucket List with your Dog

Explore Cardinham Woods
This Forestry England Woodland is gorgeous, and so lovely to explore with dogs.
Heading to a Woodland can be great, when the weather is warm, or rainy, and to get away from the beaches to adventure somewhere new. We love the Cornish seaside, but this woodland is a massive favourite too

Dog Friendly Dining [or takeaway]
Finding places to eat that are dog friendly always feels great, even better when the food is good and the place lovely. Cornwall is very dog friendly and most places allow the pups to join. It does get better though, offering dog meals or menus. 
Wet Dog Pizza is a lovely independent pizza place in Newquay AND they offer dog pizza too, which makes my heart so so happy- and the dogs stomachs too! 
Dog friendly ice cream is a big winner all through the County too, our favourite is in Perranporth, called Pavilion-Ice, especially as the human ones there are amazing too
Cornwall Bucket List with your Dog
Cornwall Bucket List with your Dog

Visit a New Dog Friendly Beach 
Although we've visited Cornwall many times a year, there are still dog friendly beaches that we've not been to. 
This year there's a beach in West Cornwall that looks gorgeous, and is dog friendly, so we'll be making a stop there. 
Take a look at our favourite Cornwall dog friendly dog beaches
Cornwall Bucket List with your Dog

We'd love to know what's on your Cornwall Bucket List

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