Thursday 25 June 2020

Review: Bluefin SUP

I love watersports with Sev and Lily, getting into kayaking and paddleboardling with them after trying it out on a few holidays and always trying to find new dog friendly adventures, things to do and places to explore. Being be the water is such an amazing place for me, I love open water, Cornwall is one of my favourite places ever as well as the gorgeous cabins on the lake at Log House Holidays. Near and far, we love to enjoy being on the water and our Bluefin has helped us get out more and more.

Bluefin SUP review

The SUP board we have is the Bluefin Cruise 12ft, which is great for single paddling with dogs [or add a few more people and dogs too]. It’s super stable and tough, so is perfect for paddling with dogs. This SUP also have a kayak conversion kit, meaning you can add a seat with the D-rings and swap paddle ends, ready to change how you use your SUP making it really versatile.

These boards are great, and comes with everything you need to get out on ther water straight away. Each board is tailored to what’s needed from shore-to-water, including backpack, paddle and pump to inflate the SUP in just a few minutes.

Bluefin SUP

The SUP comes deflated in a backpack, now it is big, but it’s so helpful to be able to load it up and be ready to walk with it on your back to your paddle spot. The paddle, pump, fin and repair kit all live in the bag too, so you’ve got everything you’ll need. If you are having to hike it a little way, the extra padding and wide straps make it a lot more comfortable. 

The dual action pump is how you inflate your paddleboard, it pumps on both upstroke and downstroke, making it a lot quicker and easier. It is also slim & lightweight, meaning it fits into the backpack easily. I don’t know how long it actually takes us to pump up, don’t get me wrong it can be tiring, however it’s still easily done and gets us ready and super excited to get out and paddle.

The boards are so great for the action camera mount, it’s integrated on the board making it really secure. The coiled leash is comfortable to wear on ankle, it’s extra sturdy with the D-ring connection the board.

These boards have a 5 year warranty, which is just awesome for action equipment, as well as getting free shipping.

Bluefin SUP

Sev & Lily love being on the board, they always wear their Ruff Wear float coats, great for the obvious reasons but also to grab them if I need to with the handle. They both like to get off and swim, and come back to me, and will swim back and forth to shore [if we’re close enough].
It took them a good few days to practice and be comfortable on the board, it’s really important that they they find it a positive place, so treats at the ready. Making them happy to get on the board, on land is a great way to start and don’t rush anything as you don’t want to make them worried or scared of the board.
Lily loves being at the front, with the wind in her ears. Sev prefers being behind me, or closer to me, even sometimes on my lap.

Bluefin SUP

Having the Bluefin SUP has really helped with my mental health too, being able to escape on to the water is possibly the most relaxing thing, I love the sound of the nothingness. If two spaniels aren’t chasing ducks, trying to climb on me getting me soaked after their swim, it’s pretty perfect. 

Our favourite time to paddle is sunset on a Summers day and we prefer lakes over ocean, I find I can paddle easier with no/less tide but we're always looking for new places to explore on the water

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Bluefin SUP

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