Tuesday 16 June 2020

5 Positive Things About Life in Lockdown

Lockdown has certainly had it's up's and down's, making me feel emotions and thoughts I never thought I would, making us experience new things and having to deal without a lot of things we love or want.
Having the dogs with me has no dealt helped me get through lockdown, ready for cuddles whilst I cry on them and drink too much and enjoying every better day with enjoying gorgeous walks altogether. 
Home really is where the hounds are, we could of been anywhere and we could get through this together. 
I wanted to share some more positive things about life in lockdown
positive things about life in lockdown
5 Positive Things About Life in Lockdown
Exploring New Places
Sev & Lily take me to new and exciting places, old and loved spots and allow me to have the best adventures with eight paws by my side. Oh the places we've been and the things we've seen. However, one of the positive things about life in lokdown is exploring new places, that are just around the corner. The rolling hills that are in my town, the lake walks or the woodland just up the road. Even the small park across the road, seeing the dogs run free and being able to get outside, those walks have felt so special. 
5 Positive Things About Life in Lockdown

Spending More Time With Your Pets
This is no doubt the #1 postive thing about life in lockdown. Spending more time with Sev and Lily, enjoying every walk, being present for every walk. Even working on content and taking photos of them has connected us and we've all enjoyed the time so much. Many treats have been chewed, many naps have been taken together and many walks getting lost in new places. 
5 Positive Things About Life in Lockdown

Getting Those Jobs Done
Tidy up the garden? Paint the shed? Do up the spare room? There's always something we're putting off, don't have time for or there's always something else that comes first. This has been a great time to truly get things ticked off your list, I know I've focused on creating content for @SpanielLife as well as updating my photography website. 
It is hard to keep motivated for me, when I do less, however the things I am trying to do have been really important and quality over quantity. Being able to improve my business and photography, as well as keep my mind active with getting creative and creating content I love. 
5 Positive Things About Life in Lockdown

Learning That Doing Nothing is Just Fine
I am a person that needs to do something, being proactive motivates me more. The more I do, the more I want to do and the better I feel. However, I know at times I take on too much, fitting in a full time job, running a business, and all the blogging & social media work I do too- add in seeing friends & family, and being a good Dog Mum, it's a lot!!
Working on doing 1 or 2 things to do each day, and then knowing I've done enough has been great for me to learn and one of the really positive things about life lockdown. Naps are good, showering is a mass achievement and binge watching Netflix is totally okay to be on your "to do list"
5 Positive Things About Life in Lockdown

Enjoying The Small Things
That cup of tea in the morning, the many naps with a spaniel or two laying on your leg, the perfect selfie because you put makeup on one day, ringing your Granddad and knowing he was so happy to hear from you, walking through the wood and having the birds sing, seeing flowers bloom, when the sunshine's all day, looking great in the new lounge wear. 
5 Positive Things About Life in Lockdown

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