Saturday, 17 March 2018

How To Enjoy Spring With Your Dog

Spring is trying to shine through (in between all the snow!), with flowers blooming and the weather warming, lighter evenings are starting and it's time to enjoy Spring with your dog.

Here's how we enjoy Spring with the Dogs...
How To Enjoy Spring With Your Dog

Visit Flower Fields
Starting in Spring, flowers start to blossom and seeing woodland areas transform is gorgeous. Bluebells start the wild flowers off in Spring with more to follow over the Summer months too. 
Dog walking in Spring time with your dog, with flowers at your feet, truly is a happy time.
How To Enjoy Spring With Your Dog

A Day at The Beach
Before it gets to busy or high season times apply to beaches [which is usually April 30th] get down to a dog friendly beach and enjoy Spring with your dog, whilst splashing through waves and digging to China.... or Australia.
How To Enjoy Spring With Your Dog

Spring Clean
Maybe not the most fun way to spend your time, but having a clean and tidy house certainly makes me feel so much better. Ready to enjoy Spring and make the most of the lighter and evenings and getting outside more with the dogs.
Sort through toys, clean beds, and clear out coats.... all ready to spoil them with more treats, of course!
How To Enjoy Spring With Your Dog

Find a Dog Friendly Cafe
We have a few favourites but our new find is Monty & Mabel's, located near Salisbury in Wiltshire. The coffee bar is cool and unique, serves great food, much coffee and even gin too. Not only that but a dog menu is available, as well as being so dog friendly and welcoming the furry ones with a shop full of goodies too. 
Finding dog friendly places to hang out with Sev and Lily is my favourite thing, if cake is involved it's even better.

Start Training Sessions
It's been cold and wet over the last few months, making it more of a struggle to get out and do some training. It's the time of year for this to change, enjoy Spring with your dog by taking them to training classes. Get that sit perfected and heal work ready for all the dog fun days over the warmer months, the dogs will thrive on it and it will bond you more too.
How To Enjoy Spring With Your Dog



  1. Some fab ideas! We can’t wait to get down to the coast & start going on longer trips again. I’m also planning some training classes for Archie this season, he needs something to keep his brain engaged!

    ChloƩ, Archie and Winnie xx

  2. Hi Steph, this looks great! What do you suggest we do about the Alabama Rot risk? It’s quite high as we live the other side of Salisbury

    1. It's high everywhere. I personally don't suggest anything, but it's important to look at what the professionals are saying. And how/where to walk your dogs. I only mention flower fields in this post in regards to anything that could be related to AR, so I wouldn't visit any if you've had a confirmed case there.


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