Sunday 11 March 2018

Being a Dog Mum...

There are lots of Dog Mums out there. Can't have kids, don't want kids, want more puppy's, Dog Mums with human kids too.
It doesn't w matter what sort of Mum you are (to human or hound) the best Mum is a happy one.... and the furry ones certainly know how to make me smile ♥
About being a Dog Mum...

Today we are celebrating all the Mums in the world, all the different types out there. I am sure proud of being a Dog Mum to Severus and Lily, being able to travel with them, experience so many fun things and create so many memories. For me, Sam, Sev and Lily are my perfect family.
About being a Dog Mum...

Aurora Pets
Of course spoiling the dogs is something else that makes me happy, a crazy dog lady and proud, spending more money on Sev and Lily than ourselves. Along with Aurora Pets I wanted to share the reasons I love being a Dog Mum.

Aurora Pets is a new luxury website with a great choice of products for both human and hound, as well as helpful blogs and informative articles. A web community perfect for any owner or Dog Mum. With a great mix of brands that will make any dog feel special, it's the perfect place to go when shopping for a treat or buying more day to day products, all of which are high quality and wonderfully stylish... even when you're just spending the day cuddling inside.
About being a Dog Mum...
About being a Dog Mum...
Steph wears: Jumper c/o Sugarhill Boutique
Spaniels wear: Harness c/o Aurora Pets

Top 5 Things about being a Dog Mum

Never Alone
The little shadows by my feet, and I love it, Sev even joins me on night shifts, at work.
Being able to do anything you normally would when being alone, but with the feeling of them supporting you too. Singing out loud, crying all the tears or dancing around the kitchen. So much love, support and attention, I have so much more confidence when I am with Sev and Lily, places I'd never go alone I feel okay if they're by my side.
About being a Dog Mum...

Get Outside
Walking the dogs, going on hikes, sunset strolls along the beach, enjoying the gorgeous country side. Being a Dog Mum means getting outside and it's something I totally adore, a new found love for just enjoying walking with Sev and Lily. Dogs running free, being outside, splashing in waves or running through a forest. Outside with the dogs is one of my favourite places to be.

The Mutts and Hounds Harness from Aurora Pets is perfect for a Spring dog walk, I can't wait to get outside without snow or rain and enjoy the warming weather with Sev and Lily looking amazing in the Spring wardrobe.
About being a Dog Mum...

Unconditional Love
Sev and Lily certainly give it plenty. Spaniels are known to be very loving and caring and my two totally are. In their own way they show so much love, and probably always want a little too much attention
About being a Dog Mum...

A Family to be Proud of
Having responsibilities for my "children" is something that I really thrive for and am so proud of. Walking hand in hand with Sam, with two spaniels next to us is everything and more. Getting to travel with them, to see them succeed and to be so damn cute. Happy and healthy pups that I am caring for as a Dog Mum.
About being a Dog Mum...

The Small Things
Because the tennis ball really is life, every cuddle is the most important and treats are the best thing ever. Sev and Lily really show the happiness that small things give, life is about those small things, and we should all remember that ♥

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