Tuesday 5 September 2017

Preparing to Bring Home Your New Puppy

Puppyhood is hard, but also amazing. Even now I feel a tingle when I see a spaniel puppy, and look back on how small Sev and Lily were.
Being prepared to bring home your new puppy is really important, with a list of things to do to make sure your new four-legged friend has the very best start.

So you've decided a puppy is right for you, you've picked your canine friend, and they're coming home any day. What now?...
Preparing to Bring Home Your New Puppy

Get Insurance
This is SO important, and something you should have from the very very start. You'll find some breeders and Vets offer a month free, which is perfect to get started, but it's really important that it's carried on, on lifetime care plan.
Severus and Lily are insured with Pet Plan.
Preparing to Bring Home Your New Puppy

Find a Vet
There's probably a few in your area, it's a great time to start looking at practices and what they offer. Healthy Pet Club plans can be great, some one on site 24/7 is really important to us, and knowing they're welcoming and friendly is always nice.
Remember your Vet should also offer puppy parties, these are so important for your dogs socialisation whilst they can't go out for walks. As well has having great hints and tips, and advice for puppy parents.
Preparing to Bring Home Your New Puppy

Puppy Proof the Home
Puppies like to chew, they wee a lot and accidents will happen. Puppy proofing the house, and being preparing your home for your new puppy is one not to miss. As well as anything else they can chew through, tug on, pull off or enjoy a nibble.
Looking into crate training can be really handy, and although it can be tough to start with, it's really perfect for your puppy to feel safe and relaxed. Remember to always use crates as a positive place, never discipline them by shutting them in there.
It's also a time to look into stair gates, do you need them in your house? If you don't want puppy upstairs or in a certain room then these can work really well.
Preparing to Bring Home Your New Puppy

Research Food
What a headache food can be, at any time of life. It's certainly a thing that people have a lot of opinions on and everyone is "right" about their thoughts.
For puppies, generally a dry kibble is great to get them started, and the best advice I can ever give is buy the best for your money. Everyone has a budget, and that will guide you to the level of food you can afford and feed your puppy.
Sev and Lily eat Guru Pet Food
Preparing to Bring Home Your New Puppy

Supplies you'll need
There's a whole lots of supplies you'll need when preparing to bring home your new puppy. Don't forget the toys, Chews, water & food bowls, ID tag, collar & lead/harness, training treats, dog bed/s, Grooming kit, cleaning supplies for the house
Preparing to Bring Home Your New Puppy

Future Plans...
It's great to start thinking about dog walkers or puppy day care, training after the puppy classes finish and even neutering. Being organised and up together with your pets care will help you all have the best start and even better time together as they grow.
Preparing to Bring Home Your New Puppy
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