Thursday 31 August 2017

Benefits of Taking your Dog Swimming

Sev and Lily are certainly swimming spaniels, at the seaside, by a lake or even in a muddy puddle, these two are soggy spaniels.

With Summer showing it's face again over the Bank Holiday Weekend, it was the perfect time to find a swimming spot....for both human and hound. With so many benefits of taking your dog swimming, it's the perfect past time to keep the spaniels happy and healthy. 

We were kindly offered to use the lakes at Log House Holidays for a day of spaniel fun and friends. Along with Basil & Polly [and their Mum Jess] we made our way to the gorgeous Cotswolds, with the sun shining and dogs ready to paddle, the day was perfect ♥

Log House Holidays is the perfect dog friendly holiday resort, set over stunning lakes with no dog number limit, a hot tub and kayaks on a private beach, it's really such a great place to stay. Still on the list to try and visit in Autumn, because no doubt it will be so beautiful and wonderfully cosy then too.
Read all about our dog friendly trip to Log House Holidays

4 Benefits of Taking your Dog Swimming
Great Exercise
The most obvious benefit from swimming is the exercise that your dog can get from it, with lots of energy it can be channeled into something fun, whilst being active and healthy. 
Sev and Lily love fetching from the water, throwing floating toys so they can swim out to retrieve them makes it even more fun. 
This can also help the over weight dog in a safe and supportive way, being able to build up sufficient activity, help burn calories and improve metabolic rate. 

StimulationDogs love any sort of exercise but adding different things in, not just walks, is a great way to keep them excited and happy. From tricks and training, mind games, and even different exercise like swimming is a great way to keep your dogs mind as active as they are.

Cooling Down
Although we live in the UK, it still can get pretty warm for the pooches. Swimming is a great way of cooling off on a hot summers day. Having any sort paddling pool around when the sun comes out is great for Sev and Lily, and even better when swimming in a lake or the sea. 

Health Benefits
For healthy dogs building up muscle tone is really great for your dog, it can protect them against injuries that can be sustained through normal activity, especially helpful if your dog does agility or caniX. 
For dogs with medical conditions that are restricted with exercise, swimming can have great health benefits for their well being and recovery. For orthopedic operations, swimming can really help build up supportive muscle in a way that is safe for the dog. Most of this can be done within a controlled hydrotherapy unit for canines, however there may come a point where the Vet is happy that is continues some where more casual. 

Ruff & Tumble Drying Coats
The Ruff and Tumble Drying Coats are perfect for a soggy dog walk, swim in the lake, or even after a much needed bath. Taking them along on our day out to make sure the dogs got clean and dry before heading to the pub for lunch.
The top quality double thickness cotton toweling is easy to fit over your dogs head, being soft, absorbent and comfortable for your pooch to wear. 
We end up mainly leaving our Ruff and Tumble coats in the car, ready to wrap the dogs up if wet and muddy, or to keep them warm after a walk & swim. They're super a handy, and a must for dog owners that have a soggy or muddy pooch. 

Remember although there are many benefits of taking your dog swimming, there are dangers in the water too. Be safe and sensible when looking for somewhere to swim, and be ware that no all dogs want to or can swim. From blue-green algae, hypothermia, getting caught in a tide and much more, there are many things to look into before swimming dogs. 
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