Monday 14 August 2017

Tips For Staying in a Hotel With Your Dog// Pet Travel Series

As Sev and Lily travel with us a lot, we get to experience many wonderful hotels that are dog friendly, and great for the perfect pet-away.
Hotels are becoming more and more dog friendly and accepting pets is more of a common thing, with owners wanting to pack their pooch, it's easier for staying in a hotel with you dog.

Bringing your dog on holiday has lots of benefits, so if you're looking to bring your pet with you on the next trip, here are some simple tips to help
Knowing what's around, from the nearest park or dog friendly pub. It's not just about the hotel itself, but what the area has to offer, to make it a really wonderful trip.
Find our the best walks, places to eat and where to visit with the furry ones by your side.

Dogs Allowed or Dog Friendly?
Although more hotels are accepting pets, some are still far from dog friendly, actually making it hard to travel with your dog.
Now you'll almost always find dogs aren't allowed in all areas of the hotel, such as the restaurant, and maybe they charge for your pet to stay. However it's the places that don't welcome the dogs, have very little communal area for them, and having them there becomes a problem rather than a pleasure.
Tips for staying in a hotel with your dog

Be Prepared 
Bring everything you need from home, or know what the hotel offer. Some dog friendly bedrooms come in beds or food, which is great, but be sure not to miss anything off the dog packing list.
Tips for staying in a hotel with your dog

Settle Them In
Stating in a hotel with you dog can be a little over whelming for them, meaning settling them in and keeping to routine as much as possible is really important. Be sure to bring something from home that has their smell on it, and stick to the same feeding times as much as possible.
We also pack many chews and treats to keep them occupied while we eat breakfast or go for drinks in the bar.
Tips for staying in a hotel with your dog

Be Aware of Other People
Of course dog friendly hotels aren't filled with all dogs and crazy fur parents, there are the guests that are there for other reasons too.
We know that Severus can be rather excitable, meaning he can be a little whiny at times, of course not everyone understands this nor do they appreciate it. Having chews at hand, and a dog walk before we settle in for dinner is always a great idea.
Tips for staying in a hotel with your dog

Have Fun!
This is a holiday for you and your dog meaning you should enjoy staying in a hotel with your dog, and make it the most fun.
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