Thursday 17 August 2017

How To Throw a Doggy Birthday Party

So you're a crazy dog lady, your dogs are your babies, why wouldn't you throw a doggy Birthday Party?
With people doing more and spending more on their dogs, it seems that hosting a canine Birthday Party is the perfect way to spoil your pooch.
How to throw a doggy Birthday Party
Here's our tips on how to throw a doggy Birthday Party
The Cake
We've had a few doggy Birthday cakes along with our Doggy Birthday Parties, but we really loved Lily's 1st Birthday cake from Arton & Co. With large and small cakes to chose from and even a bone shaped one too, they're great for every pooch and every size party.
With yoghurt icing, and peanut butter filling, these cakes are perfect and even better are ready to post within 24hour of ordering.
How to throw a doggy Birthday Party

What to Wear
Of course, for Sev and Lily a bow tie is needed for such a special occasion.
We've shared of favourite independent pet shops with you here, where you'll find lots of shops that will be able to dress your dog for the special event.
How to throw a doggy Birthday Party

The Presents
It's true, your dog probably doesn't need anything, but the same crazy dog lady inside of us that is hosting the Birthday party, probably will be buying a present or two as well.
A new Barbour jacket, or maybe a dog bed, even twin with your pooch in some new Hettie gear- to treat yourself too.
How to throw a doggy Birthday Party

Who to Invite
Depending on what your dog is like will depend on who gets invited to the doggy Birthday Party. Even with just Sev and Lily, ours have been lots of fun. We've also invited Alfie and Tilly over to join in the celebrations too.
Remember with so much fun and food around it's really important that your dog knows the others well, so they can all get on together.
How to throw a doggy Birthday Party

Make it Fun
The presents are great, and the cake even better, but make sure you keep it fun- they are dogs after all. How about some training "games" and a big walk up the local park to the end the party.
How to throw a doggy Birthday Party
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