Saturday 1 April 2017

7 Things to do with your dog on Sunday

Sundays sure are a mixed bag, from fun and adventure, family & friends or a day of snoozing in pj's. I wanted to share 7 things to do with your dog on Sunday, because being with the pooch is the best thing of all.
7 things to do with your dog on Sunday
7 Things to do with your dog on Sunday

Head out for breakfast or brunch
So many cafes are dog friendly now. Sev and Lily love coming into town with me and sniffing around, especially when they have the chance of a treat under the table too.
things to do with your dog on Sunday

A long walk
The obvious choice, but a much needed one after a few too many prosecco's the night before. Walking a long the canal (and stopping at the pub) is a favourite in the Summer time. During the colder months we have some lovely fields and woodlands to explore.

Snuggle Up
Severus and Lily love to snuggle up, especially after a long walk. They'll happily "netflix and chill" with me for a few hours without any hassle. Puppy cuddles are the very best, I think this may be one of my favourite things to do with your dog on a Sunday.
things to do with your dog

Visit friends or family
Especially if they have dogs too. This can be a great time to allow your dogs to meet others and socialise if they don't during the week.
Luckily my parents have Alfie and Tilly [who we possibly love seeing more than them, shhhhh don't tell!] My parents don't mind having a house full of four-legged friends and Sev & Lily love visiting too.

Head out shopping
To a dog friendly pet shop, of course! Love finding and visiting independent and boutique pet shops. The dogs always come out with bags full of goodies too, and usually get spoilt while visiting. Even some high street and chain shops allow your pooch to join in the fun too.

Visit the seaside
Research dog friendly beaches closest to you, pack the car up...and the dogs, and head the the beach for the day. Any time of year, the British seaside is so lovely to visit. Severus and Lily can run free and it can be rather peaceful, getting ready for the week ahead.
dog friendly beaches near me

Bake for your dog
I am no baker, but somehow when it involves dog friendly biscuits or cake it's a little more fun.The dogs are bound to love it, no matter what. There's a few "bake your own" kits out there or many receipts online too. We've tried out Wellybix Bake-a-Bone and loved it!

Tricks and Training
A particularly good one if you don't fancy venturing outside- mind games to help keep focused and stimulated. Learning simple tricks and keeping up with obedience work will benefit your dog so much, and they'll love it. Severus and Lily love to please so getting them to work for their treats is never a problem.
dog training near me
What do you love to do with your dog on Sunday?
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