Monday 20 February 2017

Love Your Pet Day

For National "Love Your Pet Day" I thought it the perfect excuse to talk about Severus and Lily....because the obsession is real.
Everyone has the best pet, and everyone is right. Our dogs, cats, lizards and hedgehogs mean so much to us, because they're all pretty pawsome [see what I did there!]
National Love Your Pet Day
Reasons Why I Love My Dogs

They're the best pooch models....and they know it

Severus is so loving and loves human attention

Lily always gives you her paw, when she's unsure what you're asking her for
Love Your Pet Day

They love coming on adventures with us, and we're able to go on so many because of them

Severus makes life worth living, even when he's a pain in the bum

Lily does the loudest and cutest yawn, we die inside every time
Reasons I Love My Dogs

They inspire me to be a better person. "Be the person your dog thinks you are" ♥

Severus is by my side, everywhere and anywhere we go

Lily is the sweetest little thing, but such a sass pot too

This blog and my life wouldn't be the same without them, they push me every day to achieve and they help me so much along the way

Love Your Pet Day
Like any commercial day, if nothing else we should reflect on the love we get and the happiness from them. Pets are no different, and Severus and Lily are certainly part of our family. A companion like no one else, wanting nothing more than to please you and receive love [and food] in return. Let me know why you love your pets.
Why I love my dogs
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