Monday 13 February 2017

Favourite independent Dog Shops & Brands

Following so many wonderful dog accounts on social media certainly opens up to be introduced to wonderful dog shops and brands too. Many independent dog brands showcase their amazing products on instagram and Twitter, for all the crazy dog people to me!

As that crazy dog lady, I am known to do a little shopping, and even have worked with some of these wonderful companies too. Wanting to share some that I love, and hopefully introduce you to some that may be new to you ♥

Favourite independent dog brands

First found TJR because of their gorgeous keys rings, and still loving and lusting over all the new designs that are brought out.
Buying bow ties as t they've been launched and always excited to share what they do. A true one man band that works so hard on the gorgeous pieces. 
independent dog shops

Tuff Mutts
The only company that isn't for the dogs wardrobe, but after looking good you need to get your beauty sleep.
First meeting Tuff Mutts last Summer at the shows and events, later in the year I got to photograph and the dogs got to model, the whole collection.
The amount of different bed styles they do is amazing, as well as the fabrics to choose from- they have everything covered. Severus and Lily find them super cosy, and the beds look amazing in the win.
independent dog brands

Finding Bramble and Friends a little later in 2016, totally falling in love with all the tweed beauty.
Many custom rope leads for special occasions as well as for the every day dapper dog. The tweed bow ties that Severus and Lily have from them are stunning, and we still have more on our list too.
All the products are handmade to order, with love, and are designed for dogs of all sizes and breeds. 
independent dog shops

Being the "face" of Hettie certainly doesn't mean we're biased, but oh gosh, these fabrics are gorgeous. Dealing with stunning wool in the products, means luxury and high standard of everything you buy. From handbags [to match the pooch] to dog bandanas and coats, Hettie have it all with stunning fabrics available. 
dog shops

Others we love...
Wellybix: For home made dog treats and biscuits
Bib & Tucker: For the best neckerchiefs around
Mabel & Mu: For cute bow ties, leads & collars
Teddy Maximus: For beautiful coats, collars, beds and bow ties
Broughton & Co: For luxury collars and handmade woolen scarves 
small shops and brands
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