Monday 30 January 2017

Things you need to know before getting a Puppy

There are a few things to to learn along the way, and some to know before getting your first puppy....

♥ They're hard work, like lots of work, and even if you get a "good one" the training, toileting, and general care is bloody hard work.

♥ You'll turn into a crazy dog lady.

♥ It's expensive, even those mini ones rack up Vet bills, insurance costs and they all need to eat. And even more so, when you do turn into that crazy dog lady, you'll be spending all your spare money on the four legged fur-baby too.

♥ Anything not "dog friendly" is totally ludicrous your mind, they're bloody part of the family after all.

♥ Prepare to fall in love. Like head of heels, this is your child and no one is as important....kinda goes along with the crazy dog lady stuff again.

♥ Your house will smell, hair will get everywhere and you have to pick up poo.

♥ Leaving them to go on holiday isn't right, so you spend even more money on finding the most fancy hotels in this country- because they deserve the best.

♥ You'll get more proud than annoyed when a photo of the dogs gets more likes than a photo of your face, on instagram.

♥ Spare time is their time and your hobbies start to revolve around them. Hunters wellies and Barbour coats are your new attire and walking around lakes and arboretums before searching for the best dog friendly roast dinners will fill your Sundays.
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