Friday, 27 January 2017

The Cary Arms

The Cary Arms has been on The Wish List for some time now. Seeing beautiful photos of the "inn on the beach" usually with a dog or two making it the perfect dog friendly escape in South Devon.
Rather excitingly they offered a 2-for-1 (or 4-for-2) on nights away in January and February, on a Boxing Day Sale. Que Steph getting super excited and dropping large hints that it would be the perfect Birthday present....I can't ever leave the dogs behind.

The Cary Arms boasts to be one of the finest boutique hotels in Devon, with so much coastal charm, homely and character filled pub style dining and wonderfully decorated bedrooms. Of course, as most of these places do, it attracted me by the gorgeous dog friendly appeal of being a dogs paradise.
As well as the beach huts [next time, next time!] a few dog rooms are available, and we had a lovely two night stay in "Rear Admiral" perfect with slate floors for the dogs wet and muddy paws, and a wonderfully nautical interior.
Find out more & book the Cary Arms

On Monday, we packed the car up, dogs and all, and made our way to Babbacombe. Greeted with a dog bed and treats [for them] and a very appealing king size cosy bed [for us] I felt perfectly at home right away and excited to be away for a relaxing couple of days by the seaside.

Trying to make the most of the beautiful accommodation, we ventured out to the seaside and also visited Dartmouth [more on a future blog post] always coming back to warm up by the fire with a glass of wine. Severus and Lily made them self at home, letting everyone know they were there, and being fussed with treats.

 The location of the inn is close to perfection, a stones throw away from a small beach- great for early morning and late night dog trips. You can make your way around the whole cove making it a sweet little walk.
It over looks the beautiful ocean making sunset and sunrise something that dreams are made of ♥
I already have my eyes on a beach hut in the warmer months, spending our evening drinking wine on the terrace after the dogs have had a swim in the sea.

The breakfast in the mornings was perfect, with a selection of cold meats, cheeses and pastries as well as being able to pick from the menu. A great way to start your day!
Our room also had tea, a coffee machine and hot chocolate too, as well as a jar full of treats.

On Monday evening we ate in the gastro-pub too, a lovely menu that isn't too highly priced. Treating myself to the steak, and even a cocktail too. Sam enjoyed the fish and chips, which also looked amazing. If you live near by, or are holidaying in the area, booking a table is much recommended and your pooch can join anywhere but the conservatory.

Sev and Lily also got treated to "The Dogs Dinner" on our last morning. On offer through lunch and dinner, made up of sausage, rice and gravy. A great way to get the dogs even more involved with the holiday and feel extra special.

The whole stay was so enjoyable, the area is stunning and the hotel was wonderful. Feeling like you had our own private beach in the morning, and watching the sunrise (on the day it wasn't so foggy) was gorgeous, right from our front door.
The Cary Arms was full of dog friendly folk, even if they didn't have their pooch by their side, they still loved seeing Sev and Lily and even the staff got sucked in by their puppy dog faces, while being impressed by their posing for the camera.
Feeling full of luxury, but ever so homely too, The Cary Arms is the perfect getaway for you and the four-legged furry ones....we can't wait to visit again!

You can book your stay at The Cary Arms with Pets Pyjamas



  1. Super cute pictures as always (how sweet is little Lily's neckerchief!?)
    So glad you liked your time down in Devon - the Cary Arms really is one of the doggiest places I know, before we got P & B we were regulars mostly for the perving on other doggles.

    And it was SO ruddy lovely to catch up with you all. More please, and thank you!
    M x

  2. Sounds and looks like a beautiful place. Always love it if there is a dish on the menu for dogs too. Fabulous photos,really hope you go back for the beach huts!

  3. Looks so cosy and welcoming ! Beautiful photos xx

  4. Lovely Photos and write up Steph, Made us feel like we were there. Room for a little one next time??!

  5. It looks amazing! I love places that welcome you with goodies and include treats for the pooches, it shows such attention to detail! Looks like you had a perfect time! love & pug hugs xo

  6. Pastries and cold meats are the best way to start any day. This place looks pretty darn awesome, and those beach huts! Wowzers x

  7. This looks amazing! Glad you had fun!

  8. Photos are gorgeous as always Steph! I entered the competition on Your Dog magazine to win a stay here - fingers crossed as it looks wonderful!

    Becky & Rufus
    Blogger & The Geek

  9. Looks being by the sea! The dog's dinner sounds amazing! Beautiful photos too xxx

  10. This looks like the perfect getaway, would love to take my two here! Also how the hell do you get yours to sit still for a photo, they are so well behaved haha x

  11. S White (alfsblog)6 February 2017 at 00:51

    I've just watched and realised we have been to that very same beach (pre-dog, young children) so really engaged with your pictures of the area. Love Sev and Lily and follow them on Instagram xx


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