Saturday 30 July 2016

What to Take on a Doggy Day Trip// Pet Travel Series

We love going on doggy day trips, finding dog-friendly places to eat, towns to explore and walks to keep us occupied all day.

Although Sev and Lily are pretty good to keep us company, they do come with a lot of baggage to make sure they're as comfy and happy as they can be all day.

Poo bags, a water bottle and a travel bowl [we use this one] A towel is also good for the car in case your dogs like to get as muddy and wet as ours.

Looking Good
Depending on where we're off to, will depend on what the dogs "wear". If it's walks in a village followed by a meal or afternoon tea, then a bow tie for both pooches as well as their figure-8 leads so they walk well and it's not a stress holding them.
They also use have a selection of neckerchiefs and harnesses for every sort of occasion event. There are also times when we take them out in their EquaFleeces or have them at hand to help them dry quicker or repel rain.
Treats and Chews
If Severus is fed and walked, he is then ready to settle down, and not before! Having a chew at hand is a great way to keep him calm and settled, which can come in handy when we've sat down ourselves at a pub or to eat.
The Guru bones can keep Lily occupied for some time, Severus usually needs something more like raw hide or pizzle.
There are times when we also take their dinner with us too, just in case we're out all day and will be home later.

These are just some of things you may need to think about when going out for the day with your four-legged friend, I will look at doing a doggy holiday packing list too ♥
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