Tuesday 3 November 2015

Take Care of Your Pets This Fireworks Night

Bonfire Night can be really scary for our pets, so, together with FRONTLINE ®Spot On, we wanted to share some hints and tips to help you prepare them for it ♥ 

For dogs and cats it's important to keep them indoors when fireworks are being let off. Walk dogs earlier in the day when it's still light and close all windows and curtains ready for when the fireworks start.
 Close windows, doors and turn your TV on to block out some of the noise from outside.Remember to check your pet’s microchip before Bonfire Night. Your dogs and cats may run away when the noise starts so it's important to know that if they're chipped they will get back to you easily.Preparing a "den" perhaps under a bed with some of your old clothes can be a good idea so your pet has somewhere safe and cosy they can go if they want to hide away. 
 Stay calm and act normal when the fireworks are going off. Don't fuss over your pet if they're worried but reassure them if they come to you first. 

Remember small furries such as guinea pigs, hamsters and rabbits too!

Close off any hutches with outdoor spaces, and keep them in as soon as it starts to get dark. If you have room to bring them inside, or into a garage then that would be perfect. If not, you can move the hutch to face a wall or fence in your garden and cover it with a large blanket to deaden the sound- but make sure there's enough ventilation for them too.

For more tips and videos on how to care for your cats and dogs and protect them from fleas and ticks all year round, please visit uk.frontline.com 
This post is in collaboration with FRONTLINE® Spot On.
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