Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Mountain Warehouse Dogs Trust Jacket

Dogs Trust Jacket c/o Mountain Warehouse

I was delighted to hear that Mountain Warehouse had teamed up with Dogs Trust to design a dog walking jacket, with 10% of the purchasing price going straight to Dogs Trust.

The Dogs Trust is a pet charity and re-homing centre that is very close to my heart ♥

The awesome jacket is great and easy to wear, but also super practical with features that every dog owner may need. The Dogs Trust printed pockets can be removed to be used for dog treats. The cute lining carries on through out the lining of the coat, which makes the normal black jacket pop with the pretty yellow. It's also waterproof, has a double flap to keep any wind out and has a fleece lined hood which makes it super cosy.

I think this is the perfect coat for any practical needs but also knowing that you're helping a great charity too!


  1. Oh it looks super cosy, perfect for autumn! And even better that it's helping the Dogs trust,
    Love love love the picture of you and Sevvy at the end, Pete wriggles way too much for that!
    M x

  2. I need a new waterproof for dog walking in the colder/wetter months and love the yellow lining - gives a fresh take on the plain black mountain warehouse I bought a few years back!

    C xx
    I have been eyeing the clutch for a while now ... it's so playful and frivolous! Love this edit!

    C xx


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