Tuesday 14 April 2015

How To Make Your Pet Famous

I recently found an article from co-operative insurance that caught me eye, maybe because I'm a crazy dog mum, and maybe because it's really very true about what they were saying.
A (maybe crazy) 24% of dog owners and 23% of cat owners lead their pets online life, from Facebook to Instagram, our four legged friends have it.
If you want to read more about how you can make your pet famous you can read the whole post here

As many of you may know, I am along the 24% of us that run an instagram account for my woofers. The joint venture from Alfie, Tilly & Sev is run through the eyes of Severus and certainly grows in likes and followers more than my own personal account. For me, I'm unsure if I want the fame for Sevvy, but it's simply because I love photography, and there's nothing better than seeing a well photographed picture of your adorable pet!
It's become rather the obsession, setting up photo shoots for him and making sure he's got the right props for certain looks. I spend more time scrolling through their "friends" accounts, and using the right hashtags to draw attention to our own. 

It's something I really enjoy, and Sevvy takes it all in his stride too- some how knowing he has to do what he's told when I point and shoot. I'm excited to have Alfie & Tilly around for a week, while my parents are on holiday. It's been a while since I've managed to take some lovely photos of the three of them together. 

If you want to join the pooches in their quest for fame (ha!) then you can follow them @3_spaniels on instagram and twitter.
Two of my other fav accounts are @3blondedogs & @elvisandthegirls 
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