Sunday 12 April 2015

Our Bradford-on-Avon Adventure

Our lovely County is so pretty, it's the path way of many great escapes from Dorset to London as well as the pretty countryside and canal walks it has to offer it self ♥

Bradford on Avon, in Wiltshire, is really just "up the road" from us but never some where we've truly explored. A very pretty town, with a similar feel to it as Bath City, full of good places to eat and wonderful things to see.
After hearing about a dog friendly cafe that did an awesome breakfast, The Lock Inn, I knew it was time to get our adventure shoes on and go for a day out. We started with a great breakfast, the cafe is both on a unused canal boat in pretty summer houses in the garden, and also in the main cafe- perfect for anyone who loves something a little different. We walked down the canal, stopping at the boutique shops and ending at mine (and Sev's) new favourite shop, Fetch Pet Shop.

A filled belly, a wonderful walk and few treats for the pooch and we felt like we'd explored the town and some of it's gems. We will, of course, be back. With a filled purse and an empty stomach, for our next adventure. 
Fetch Pet Shop

Fetch is possibly everything you need in a pet shop, it's the perfect amount of "want and need" products, as well as a great location and beautiful shop. The lady in there was so helpful and lovely, and Sev was even allowed in for a little nosy of his wishlist. There's more than enough on my wishlist too, the large dog food tin, a new collar and some yummy treats- what makes him happy, makes me happy....spoilt Severus!
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