Sunday 28 December 2014

Sev's Birthday Party

Severus turned one while we were away on Honeymoon, we were sad to miss it, but while over there I had a wonderful idea of throwing him a party on our return ♥

We ended up holding the party on the anniversary of him coming to live with us (the 6th December) as that's truly when he became our little boy. 
I ordered him a special "dog friendly" Birthday cake, as well as grabbing some bunting and a Birthday boy hat from the children's section! He donned his smart bow tie, which was ready in preparation for Christmas and New Year, lit his candle and sang him Happy Birthday. 

Of course, it made for amazing photos, and truly it made me more happy than it did him. But, for dog mad people like us, it was the perfect way to celebrate. I've been through the in's and out's of our relationship before, but Sev is certainly our baby boy and he deserves what ever I think is right for him. Cake and posing for photos is most definitely that. 
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