Monday 24 November 2014

Pets at Christmas Time

 There's not secret I'm a dog lover, this blog confirms that even more with the amount of features Sev is asked to review. Christmas time is no different, and as well as make the home safe and fun for my woofers, I also want to include them- presents and all. 

A lot of owners don't think about the risks involved around Christmas time, from the Turkey bones to the extra cables for the Christmas lights. Lots of yummy things to chew on, as well as foods that are hazardous such as chocolate and raisins for the Christmas Cake. The house is usually full of lots of people, some of which your pet may have not met before, so it can also be a stressful time too.

We picked up Sevvy almost a year ago and this year has certainly been a crazy one. He's been a hard puppy in all aspects, but my gosh I wouldn't change him for anything. When I see the three of them (Alfie and Tilly) playing together it always fills my heart with love. No doubt the dogs will get more presents than my new Husband this year, they deserve to be treated, even if they don't fully understand what Christmas is for. 

Since working at the Vets, I've really learnt how life saving Pet Insurance can be, especially at this expensive time of year. So really, getting pet insurance this Christmas would be the best thing you could do! 

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