Thursday 26 June 2014

Our Puppy Friendly Weekend Away

Over the Weekend I, along with Argos Pet Insurance, decided to treat my boys to a Weekend away. The sun was shining, the weather was sweet, and we had a jam packed weekend planned. We're both spending so much of our holiday allowance on our wedding trip in October, but having to wait that long has been hard, so the odd trip here and there is the perfect way to relax and get away from it all.

We started at Durdle Door, and Lulworth Cove, some where I adore and has huge love from my childhood too. We spent the morning on the beach, which are Dog friendly all year round, soaking up the sun and splashing in the sea.

We made our way to Lulworth cove to explore, later in the afternoon. Finally getting to visit The Castle Inn, a cute pub that we've known for being dog friendly. The food was good and Severus enjoyed the beautiful beer garden. We also stopped off to get ice creams, and were pleasantly surprised that they sold the Billy + Margot Ice treat for dogs- we were all in for a yummy snack. 

Soon it was time to head off to the New Forest, where we were staying over night. I found a gorgeous dog friendly hotel in Brockenhurt, Balmer Lawn, which was perfect for what we needed. It over looked a cricket field, being grazed on my the (hundreds) of wild horses around the area, we had our own balcony and Sevvy had his own water bowl too. 
The hotel was a stunning 4 star, and although our room was classed as "budget" it was gorgeous and great for what we needed. Sev wasn't allowed on any furniture and we had to eat breakfast in the lounge area, but apart from that they were very welcoming and it was lovely to see so many four legged friends around. 

We visited a local pub for our evening meal, called the Rose & Crown, we were all very tired by this point but enjoyed the last of the sun in their wonderful garden, before heading back to the hotel for a very good sleep!

On Saturday we met up with our friend Tom, who is a keen photographer and so we took the chance to use his skills and the beautiful location and get some snaps during the day. 

We made our way to Burley and found some gorgeous locations, before heading off for lunch (yes, it's always about food!) at The White Buck. This had been recommended to me by my friend Hannah, and oh my, it was gorgeous. They also have dog friendly accommodation here, so I think we'll be trying this out next time. The food was wonderful, yet again the garden was gorgeous and the staff were giving more attention to Severus than any one else. 

After a quick dip in one of the streams it was time to say Good Bye and head back home. Never have I had such a wonderful 2 days, and fitted so much fun in. I adore our country when the sun shines, it's truly a beautiful place. Taking Severus with us was actually a lot easier that I had expected, and when I decided we'd be doing a doggy friendly trip I did a little research to know where how and who...and it all worked out perfectly. Having puppy insurance, especially when you go travelling with the woofers was a huge weight off my mind too. 
I feel so happy and refreshed, and Sev was such a good boy, so it always gives me a warm heart when I know he's doing all the right things (at least trying to, most of the time!)

I will be sharing more of the photos from our shoot with you soon, but here are a few sneak peeks 
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