Friday, 7 March 2014

Severus The Cocker Spaniel Puppy

You last met Severus in January and he's certainly changed a lot since then. He's now just over four months old (20 weeks) and turning into a fine young gentleman.
He's just coming out of the "ugly" stage, although I could never think he was ugly! His neck is slightly filling out more and not so old Granddad looking with far too much skin and too many wrinkles. He's filling out a lot more again, which you can really tell from his shoulders and his ears are looking more adult like too.

He's generally such a good boy and we are both so very besotted with him ♥
Severus loves his walks but he's certainly very good at dodging the puddles and he won't sit his bum on the cold or wet floor. He's definitely a Daddy's boy and loves Sam so so much, it's really lovely to see, although I do feel a little envious at times. Sticking his head out the car window is his new favourite thing to do, with the wind in his ears (and tightly being held on to) he really loves life! 

His adult coat is coming through, and at the moment has this dark brown stripe down his back as it's down so. He's becoming quite the the kisser and will give you a little smooch if you like it or not! He loves cuddles, although is getting better at just going off and getting in his basket in the evenings when I'm on my laptop. 
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  1. OMG he's gorgeous .. "ugly stage" LOL! As if! x

  2. Genuinely the cutest dog ever!xx

  3. Oh Steph, that photo of him with the S is just too adorable! x

  4. He's such a handsome boy! Bet you can't get enough of him!
    M x Life Outside London

  5. Absolutely gorgeous!! xx

  6. Such a babe just like his owner <3

  7. Ohh he is just so lovely, I love his racing stripe!

    Maria xxx

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  9. Steph he just gets more gorgeous by the week :) so happy he's turning into such a handsome young man! xxx Claire at Jazzpad

  10. Oh his elongated neck - it's a little like Runkle and his super big ears! He's definitely gotten so much bigger bless his little squidgy innocent face! :) x

  11. oh my he's so cute!! You should show as a video of him through the car window!!


  12. So cute !

  13. so so cute! me and my husband also have a chocolate cocker spaniel who is 3 months old named Gizmo, spitting image! although ours is a mummys boy! lol <3


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