Thursday 14 July 2011

We're all going on a, Summer Holiday....

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Last week, Me & Sam took the dogs to Woolacombe for 4 nights
We camped in our bargain (for a reason!) 6 man tent, and apart from the rain, had a lovely time. We spent our days on the beach, eating ice creams, and walking the sand dunes. We spent our night huddled up, trying to get warm!

On Monday we packed the car up & started our adventure down to the coast of North Devon. Our home for the week was a  lovely 6-man tent, that will be turned into a la Walton-Large residence  for the next 5days.
We had a good little holiday, the woofers really enjoyed them selves and it was nice just to get away and think about nothing, and not have to do anything!
Sam is a keen camper, and I have done the odd trip here & there, but I think we are now going to hang up our happy camper feet and head into the warmer and drier delights of a caravan or a camping pod. I wanted to love our tent, but there was almost too much room in there, I would have liked to hand lanterns over it & put a comfy carpet and rug down to make it more homely.
 I do love my summer holidays, doing nothing in the sun by a pool is perfection to me. However, in the last few years, I really like little breaks, both in England & other cities around the world. Caravans & cottages really appeal to me a lot more now, than they ever have done

What are your favorite types of holidays, and locations you like to explore?
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