Wednesday 14 December 2022

5 Festive Things To Do With Your Dog, This Christmas Time

We love Christmas time, the films cuddled up on the sofa, the sparkly lights and festive scents, the frosty mornings and mulled wine. 

The dogs make Christmas for me, they keep me going, keep me excited and I love every memory we make, big or small through the festive season. 

festive things to do with your dog at christmas

Here's a list of 5 Festive Things To Do With Your Dog, This Christmas Time

Visit a Christmas Tree Farm
This has become a firm tradition of the last last 4 years or so, and honestly I love it. Not only does it make you feel oh so festive, it's just a lovely sight to see all these lovely trees being grown. We also love to to take some festive photos there and enjoy the wander around. Grab a coffee before you go and it's really a great little walk. 

dog friendly Christmas tree farm

Go Shopping
Although there's no doubt buying gifts for your dog is more for humans than the hounds them self, it's still love to support small businesses over Christmas. 
We love visiting Frome independent market and it means we get to visit one of our favourite dog shops, Winston James Woof. 

Puppacino After a Dog Walk
Quality time and great sniffs on walks is something that your dog will love this Christmas time, so why not make it even better. We love searching for a new walk, there's so many in near by towns that we just haven't got round to trying, great new sniffs for the dogs and keeps me excited to get out walking too. We end the walk with a little drive through festive cup, for both human & hound. 

Dog puppacino

Bake Dog Treats
Another wonderfully fun thing to do is bake dog treats, it's easy and fun and your dog will love your forever. 
We love this Dog Christmas Cake Mix, it feels like your dog is truly joining in on all the festive activities that the humans do. 

Christmas Movie Marathon
The best thing to do on the run up to Christmas is get into cosy pj's and don't leave the house after 5pm! Blankets to cuddle up in, a cuppa tea and pups by your side. 

festive things to do with your dogs

We'd love to know your Christmas traditions or activities that you love to do with your dogs to make this season even more season & wonderful

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