Monday 18 January 2021

Review: Furr Boost, Healthy Hydration

 Furr Boost is a brand new product, providing so many benefits for dogs. Not only is this an amazing hydration drink, it can help with fussy pets eating and aids things such as healthy digestion and immunity.

Sev and Lily got to try Furr Boost for a few weeks, trying the different flavours and using it in a few different ways that worked great.

Review: Furr Boost, Healthy Hydration

Furr Boost, Healthy Hydration

Furr boost is a complementary drink to your dogs water in take, not only is it super tasty, being so beneficial to keep your dog hydrated but also aids your dogs well being.
Working on anxiety, digestion, healthy metabolism, immunity, hydration and skin & coat. 

Review: Furr Boost, Healthy Hydration

Furr Boost can be used in so many different ways, which is why we were really drawn to it. Not only can it be added to dogs food- this is great for fussy eaters or adding something extra into a diet, it's also great to be frozen for Lickimats or Kongs too- this is how we've really enjoyed using it the most.

The three flavours available are; Chicken, Butternut Squash & Cranberry. Pork, Apple & Sweet Potato. Beef, Broccoli and Blueberry. All picked for the benefits of these ingredients and benefitting the dogs.

Review: Furr Boost, Healthy Hydration

As well as being a beneficial hydration drink for dogs, the brand itself is really sustainable, thinking about the environment at every step. Ditching single use plastics and reducing carbon footprint.

This is done mainly by the awesome packaging that is used for the product, Tetra Pak, it's lightweight, strong and sturdy, easy to open, serve and then recycle. The Furr Boost factory also uses fuel that cuts energy costs and the factories environmental impact, in turn lowering co2 impact emissions. 

Review: Furr Boost, Healthy Hydration

Sev and Lily tried Furr Boost, mainly in their Lickimats and Lickbowls. This product is really great to freeze in these, and as we've been training with the door more ["hello's" and the doorbell is a big trigger] When the door goes it's easily grabbed from the freezer and popped in with them to help calm and show them the door isn't a bad thing. Licking can really help calm and easy anxiety in dogs, so personally this has been a great to use in this way.

I always think it's great to have some in the cupboard for poorly pups, as a Vet Nurse, we see a lot of dehydrated dogs, that actually cause more problems than the actual symptom they've got dehydrated because of. 

Sev & Lily have loved trying out Furr Boost and it's something I can't wait to keep using for their enrichment toys and see more health benefits from it too.

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Review: Furr Boost, Healthy Hydration

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