Thursday 23 April 2020

Things to do With your Dog During Lockdown

With lockdown ahead of us for some time ahead, we may all be going a little crazy. Covid is certainly taking over our lives in some way, and it a worrying and weird time.
We're sharing our every day lives on Instagram stories a lot, mainly including sleeping doggies and humans that don't get dressed most days!!
We want to share things to do with your dogs during lockdown, with some ideas and positive things that may help both human and hound. 
What to do With your Dog During Lockdown
Things to do With your Dog During Lockdown
Make TikToks
So yes, you may be right in thinking it's full of twelve year olds doing dances, but it's also got a wonderful dog community. If anything on this lockdown, I think it's really important to get joy out of the small things, making sure you do what makes you happy [within the government guidelines, of course] Being able to create fun and silly videos is an amazing way for me to be creative and showcase that.

Devil Dood Workshops
Of course Emily has come up with something fun for us all to do in lockdown, with the Devil Dood collar workshops. Each week there is a different collar or lead to make, on a live stream, with kits available to buy to follow along. Even better, you can still buy the old kits and watch the old videos on the Facebook page. Benefiting you with something fun and different to try, and your fur pal with a gorgeous new collar or lead- that you've made all your self!!
What to do With your Dog During Lockdown

Garden Camping
This is such a great idea, and something really nice to do in the warmer weather. Pop a tent up in the garden and get camping for the night, even better add a BBQ or camp fire to make it extra cosy. Such a great way to get dogs used to camping, if it's something you've been thinking about and is like a mini holiday at your own house.
What to do With your Dog During Lockdown

Try Butternut Box Food
Sev & Lily have been on Butternut Box for about two years now, and totally love it. It's great for me too, with easy portions, great flavours and knowing that my dogs are eating a wonderful food. The box comes straight to your door and you don't even have to remember to order, with a rolling subscription. Of course we love Butternut Box in or out of a pandemic, however it is super useful at this time with not having to make an extra journey out for your dogs food. 
What to do With your Dog During Lockdown

Learn New Tricks or Practice Old Ones
The perfect time to get learning new tricks, maybe even a new dance for TikTok. There's lots of easy trick videos to follow online & they can really help with stimulating your dogs brain and connecting with them. It's always great to get practising good behaviours such as heel walking or settling- which I know I've let slip recently. 
What to do With your Dog During Lockdown

Scatter Feeding or Interactive Feeders
Just like us getting joy out of small things at the moment, small changes to your dogs daily routine can help them and their behaviour.
Scattering dry food in the garden or round the house can be great work for dinner time and a great thing to do with your dog during lockdown, or even interactive feeders such as LickMat or Kongs. 
What to do With your Dog During Lockdown

Remember to all stay home and stay safe, have plenty of chews on hand to help calm and settle your dogs and keep them busy when we have things to be getting on with such as video calls and working from home. We get ours from Devil Dood Direct, with an amazing range of long lasting and yummy things to try.

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