Friday 1 March 2019

March Could-Do List

Don't get bogged down with to-do lists, and wishing time away, take a look at this March could-do list and make the most of this beautiful month...
March Could-Do List

Time can disappear pretty quickly, already March is here and hopefully Spring too. I find myself wishing time away a lot, without wanting to, but always looking forward to the next thing.
In January I felt very on top of things, making the most of time and days or even hours off work, getting enough rest and not doing too much but also feeling productive and getting stuff done! Time to focus again on each day at a time, making the most of the weeks, the whole month and being sure to have a wonderful time living.
March Could-Do List 

Start a new book
In December I read a book for the first time in so long, and loved it. Slowly making my way through the next one, so just to finish that would be great. Finding time to read or do any other off screen activity is really important.
March Could-Do List

Write down 3 things that recently made you happy
Remembering the good, fun, happy things will get that smile again. Even the smallest of things can really make a difference, that puppy cuddle, the compliment or seeing the flowers bloom. Happiness doesn't have to be grand gestures.

Have a beach day
Dog bans come in at lots of beaches in March and April time, so add a beach day to the March could-do list. Getting outside with a dog [or two, or three] by your side will feel great, pack a picnic, enjoy the walk, smell the fresh air, take the photos and enjoy the day.
March Could-Do List

Treat yourself [and your pooch]
January is hard for most people, but in March be sure to treat yourself, or someone you love. Be it big or small, a candle or even a hair cut. Head an independent pet store and let your dog pick whatever they'd like- followed by a puppacino, of course!
March Could-Do List

Do something new
Sign up for a class to improve photography skills, join a dog training group, volunteer at a pet charity or just get on YouTube to learn how to teach your dog a new trick.
Times can be busy, thinking there's enough to do already, but adding something that has love and passion will make the rest for easier to complete too.

Go see a friend
Even if you're not feeling it, head out for cocktails, or even just a dog walk. Make effort with the people that you want to be around and make you happy, time is precious and so are they.
March Could-Do List

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