Wednesday 2 January 2019

Scottish Highlands for Christmas

Visiting the Scottish Highlands for Christmas...

I adore Christmas however it has become a little boring, not the love and spark that used to be there so trying something different was really important. Searching air bnb for a dog friendly, affordable place to stay over the Christmas week and making it the most cosy, festive and adventurous trip.

The journey took us ten hours with stops, the dogs are always so well behaved in the car and so excited to finally arrive at the lodge. A very short drive away from Loch Ness and half an hour from Inverness, it was a great base to explore the Scottish Highlands for Christmas. Having a car was a must, but so wonderful too, every journey was filled with stunning views and beautiful scenery.
Scottish Highlands for Christmas

Where to Visit in The Scottish Highlands for Christmas
So picture perfect with stunning mountains, beautiful roads that wind through the hills, waterfalls and just the most dreamy place to visit.
Scottish Highlands for Christmas

Glenfinnan Viaduct
Also known as the "Harry Potter Bridge" and although the steam train wasn't running this Winter, it was a great place to visit. Even with rain and little visibility that day, the walk up to overlook the bridge was awesome.
Scottish Highlands for Christmas

 Cairngorms National Park
This is where the snow was found, with a hike up the Cairngorm Mountain as well as stopping for a paddle at a loch that over looked the snowy peaks.
Scottish Highlands for Christmas

Scottish Forests
There was forests around area that was visited, we stopped off at a few and were equally stunning. Most the forest areas were sign posted well from Forestry Commission.
Scottish Highlands for Christmas

Castles and Ruins
Scotland has so many lovely castles and castle ruins, our last visit before leaving stunning Scotland was to visit Kilchurn Castle
Scottish Highlands for Christmas

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