Tuesday 28 August 2018

#DogsLife With Lintbells

"Anyone else base their whole life's worth on how many experiences they can give their dog?"
-This post is in collaboration with Lintbells-

Having Sev and Lily share adventures and come on trips with us is so important; we love living our best spaniel life by making and sharing memories with them by our sides.
Lintbells wanted us to share #DogsLife with you, sharing how we create and share memories with Sev & Lily. . 

Sev and Lily come travelling with us as much as possible and it’s true to say that we’re not happy if they're not by our feet. We have been lucky enough to explore and adventure all over the UK and beyond and every moment of it has been wonderful. What makes it so wonderful is down to this blog and the online diary we've created, being able to share all our memories and showcase how awesome dog friendly trips can be. 

Most recently we packed up the car and all headed down to one of our most favourite dog friendly places, the north Cornwall coast. Despite visiting the area before, we know that the Cornish coastline provides us with great opportunities to create great memories that we’ll cherish for years.

Our next adventure to Cornwall took a different ‘turn’ when we decided to try something new on this trip, introducing……

Blossom, The VW Camper Van

This trip was made even more special with the thanks to Blossom, a vintage VW Camper from Happy Days Camper Hire (c/o), based near Falmouth. We had been desperate to try our hand at ‘van life’ for a long time and this was the perfect opportunity as Blossom is dog friendly!  She fitted the four of us in perfectly for a few days on the coast. 

Blossom was a dream to explore Cornwall in; driving around in it we felt part of the VW Camper gang, waving to others on their own adventures. As we travelled through Cornwall, Sev made sure he was comfy on my lap and Lily curled up on the floor of the Camper like the good girl she is. 

We found our spot for the night and pitched up. We quickly converted our camper into a cosy retreat under the stars and settled down for the night. It had been a long day and all four of us were ready for bed before continuing our adventures the next day.

Despite heading to Cornwall at the last minute in high season we managed to find the most beautiful little campsite overlooking Bedruthan Steps. On our second night the sunset was dreamy, and it felt even better with Sev and Lily snoozing by our side after their busy day exploring the Cornish coast. The evening was improved only by glancing to our side to see the most beautiful VW Camper we could imagine accompanying us on this trip. That evening will certainly be a memory we’ll cherish for a long time to come. 

Lintbells is the manufacturer of premium pet supplements and we were interested to see what their products could do for Sev and Lily. We had experience of them before having used YuMOVE with Tilly for some time. Sev is a rather anxious dog, and we have regularly looked for ways to help calm him down. Lintbells product YuCALM seemed great for this, even more so for when we're on trips or at events, as settling him down can be an issue. 
We've now been using YuCALM  in situations like this, and along with constant training, things are slowly moving into place. The supplement helps to reduce stress, supports calm behaviour, even better both dogs eat the tablet as a treat and love it. 

Having experienced camper van life with Sev and Lily, we're sure we’d do it again! It's a great way to explore and tour some wonderful places. The dogs were great in the van, and it had everything we needed to make camp and have our own space. The ability to be able to pack and drive to your next location with no notice gives you a sense of freedom you rarely get. Our trip to Cornwall in Blossom is a memory we’ll cherish.

This is a paid collaboration with Lintbells; all opinions are our own
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