Saturday 7 April 2018

Why we love to Travel with Dogs

The UK has some amazing places to visit and travel to. Beaches, coastal walks, hikes up mountains and country fields for miles. There are so many wonderful places we want to explore, and having Sev and Lily by our side is the best way to do it.
Why we love to Travel with our Dogs

Last year we also ventured into Europe, and it was so easy and so much fun. We have more European destinations on our list, and can't wait to spread our paws wings even more.
Taking your dog to France

Why we love to Travel with our Dogs

Why we love to travel with our Dogs

They're part of the family
Sev and Lily are no doubt our [fur] babies, we love them like nothing else in the world, and would do anything for them. We love being with them, as they love being with us and as a family, we want to experience wonderful things together.
Of course not all families travel together all of the time, but it's very rare to see parents leave their children. Just like us, we do travel and holiday without the dogs too, but we love it much more being together.
Why we love to Travel with our Dogs

It's way more fun
Morning walks, beach sunsets, hiking up mountains and enjoying the outdoors is really something I've only started to appreciate with Sev and Lily, because I know they love it.
Seeing the beauty in every dog walk, adventuring to new places, and being totally content in this country we live in. It makes everything more fun, everything is an adventure, and every walk is somewhere new to travel and try. 
Although the UK is wonderful, I'd probably pick a sun lounger in a sunny destination, with a cocktail in hand, if it weren't for the dogs. Holidaying all over the World is wonderful....and sadly we can't take them to Disney, but exploring our own Country is way more fun with eight paws at your side.
Why we love to Travel with our Dogs

It makes me happy
I am the most happy with Severus, Lily and Sam by my side. I feel like we can do anything, go anywhere, be anyone and just enjoy life. It's the best feeling, just being content with a warm heart full of love and happiness.
Why we love to Travel with Dogs

Feeling Creative 
My blog opened up photography for me, and since then I have never looked back. I am not a creative person, but having my camera in hand and being ready to capture memories is the best.
@SpanielLife is something I am hugely proud of, not only for the success and where it's taken us, but for the images and content I am sharing. Being able to capture photos of Sev and Lily to share with their followers gives me such a buzz, and a walk isn't a walk without a camera [and treats] in hand.
Why we love to Travel with Dogs

It's okay to be a crazy dog lady
Whatever life you want to leave, that's okay, that's the right one.
Being a crazy dog lady and taking your dogs with you is perfectly acceptable, just like it would be if children were by your side.
Of course there are times when they stay at home, where a holiday isn't for them, or you just want a break....but for the times you want them with you, having somewhere you can all stay, travel and eat is needed and expected for us all to have the best trip.
Why we love to Travel with Dogs

They love it too
How do I know? Because they love to be with us, they love the outdoors, they love to travel and get so excited with being somewhere new. They're little adventure dogs, and exploring and finding new places to take them is the perfect way to keep them stimulated with different walks and environments, loving life and enjoying our company.
Why we love to Travel with Dogs
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